Multiplayer Ultimate Mode

[Open Assets] Multiplayer Ultimate Mode v1.0.9

-removed fire flowers when ultimate mode is turned on
-made the game print a console message for you when it kills you for joining the server part-way through a level, explaining that you'll need to wait everyone dies or a new stage begins to play
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fixed a bug where the Rosy Shield was disabled when this mod's Ultimate Mode wasn't activated
amy's rosy shield will instantly disappear upon being applied to players
made emerald tokens stop spawning if someone has all 7 emeralds, preventing them from causing problems when someone collects one and gives everyone an extra life
-made players who are dead and have more than 0 lives have their lives set to 0, allowing the level to properly reset when everyone is dead if the players refuse to "respawn", and so, lose their lives
-removed extra life monitors since they were causing problems
I fixed a bug where jettysyn gunners weren't getting their increased speed
I optimized the mod a bit while it still only has 3 downloads.
fixed a bug where I accidently slowed down red buzzes instead of speeding them up
I fixed a bug that kills players upon re-spawning or joining a server more than 1 second after a level starts if Ultimate Mode is de-activated, and I optimized the Lua