Moilols "Talez" PerHour (Legacy)

Moilols "Talez" PerHour (Legacy) v1.7 - Generations Update - 1 Minute Patch

with a talez remake in the works, talez's skinname has been changed to "legacy talez"
so you can play as this talez and the talez remake when it's out
Yeah don't got much. If Talez is worked on again he'll be bundled with Sonki in a character pack (probably)

Not much was added here
(other than a new character. you have to go into the files using Slade or somthin to access said character since it's unfinished which is why it isn't included by default.)
yeah i kinda forgot april fools was a thing. this update adds nothing to the character advertised. instead it adds a png of an oc i made as a character. have fun.