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[Reusable] Mega-I Pack V1 1.1

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Hi, my name is Mega-I, but you can just call me 'Mega'. And today, I present to you my character pack!


"Don't mess with me!"- Kunio

The hot blooded tough guy himself makes his way to SRB2 Kart at last! Kunio from the Kunio-Kun/River City series is ready to rumble - I mean race through the wacky and creative tracks made by this great and talented community! He uses sprites from Super Dodgeball for the NEOGEO, same for the sounds.

[Speed 6, Weight 5]

This is my first character made for SRB2 Kart (made him on Paint for the sprites), and I wouldn't have done it without the help from SpliTech on Discord, thanks man!


He's a jester, but he's no joke. Spark, from the Spark The Electric Jester series is here, looks like this is what he was doing on his vacation, hope you'll like to play with him.

[Speed 8, Weight 6]

Thanks for SunkythePootis on Discord for helping me with his front sprite, not really good at front faced characters.

And yes, this pack has a individual file as well in case you don't want one of them.
anyway, now, download one of these files and let's go karting!!!
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    - Added his gfx_prefix on Kunio, which I forgot (oof...) - Kunio's sounds are louder now, so...

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