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Mania Colors - Sonic Mania themed skincolors

Taking advantage of the recent custom skincolors added in 2.2.5 I got straight to work on making skincolors based on Sonic Mania! Here they are in a gif:
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This pack adds 12 skincolors:
ManiaOrange - Based on Tails
ManiaPink - Based on Amy Doll
ManiaRed - Based on Eggman
ManiaSalmon - Based on Knuckles
ManiaSilver - Based on Silver Sonic
ManiaSky - Based on Sonic
ManiaYellow - Based on Ray
ManiaBlubber -Based on Bark
ManiaBluebell - Based on Fang
ManiaBlue - Based on Metal Sonic
ManiaGreen - Based on Bean
ManiaMaroon - Based on Mighty
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