Legacy Hibiki

Legacy Hibiki v1.0.2

Hello again! This is by far the most unnecessary update to date, but since I did have a bit of spare time, I thought it might be fun to smooth out a few more rough lines.
  • Added LIFEA0 sprite (1up Monitor icon).
  • Added HIBI_H sprite (HUD Bust for SRB2Persona).
Hopefully this turns out to be the last update for Legacy Hibiki, I don't want to spend too much time making the package as "definitive" as possible (hell, I never intended on it to be in any way definitive in the first place). If I do ever return to the mod, it will most likely be for bug fixes only. I don't plan on making any more substantial content updates.

In other news, allow me to add 1000% more substance to the update by providing footage of (not legacy) Hibiki that I posted in the SRB2 Official Discord Server:


(Unfortunately he's a little too rough right now to actually show proper gameplay, but hopefully that'll change soon!)
hi!!! hibiki's srb2persona support released broken, and this update fixes it. thanks to the folks in the srb2persona discord server i solved one of.........several problems, least of which being the lack of a weapon. the rest of which revolving around the fact that i changed the skin name a couple of weeks ago. great stuff.

anyway! now you can play as SRB2Persona Legacy Hibiki. have fun!