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Full Art of Kart Characters

Character Pack Showcase v5

A pack of all characters I've completed and am happy to share!
No theme, no plans, just what I was feelin' like.

Currently, there are 13 characters within this pack:
Latias icon.png

LATIAS (Pokémon) [V3.1]
A lighthearted legendary of the Hoenn region, Latias is swift and light in the air making for good, quick turns at the cost of acceleration.
Sounds taken from Pokemon Heroes, Super Smash Bros., and PokePark Wii.

Latios icon.png

LATIOS (Pokémon) [V3.1]
A fellow kindhearted legendary and the companion to Latias. He bears a tad more speed and more weight, so he won't be taking bonks from others as harshly.
Sounds taken from Pokemon Heroes, Super Smash Bros., and PokePark Wii.

Dawn Piplup Icon.png

DAWN & PIPLUP (Pokémon) [V1]
The anime iteration of Dawn (or maybe you call her Hikari?) is taking a break from contests to do some racing. But she couldn't leave her partner Piplup out of the fun!
Sounds taken from the Pokemon anime (Diamond and Pearl series, Best Wishes, and Master Journeys).

Retro Pika icon.png

RETRO PIKACHU (Pokémon) [V1.1]
Inspired by Pokemon GSC and Yellow, here arrives a Pikachu that's a bit more classic in its appearance!
Play around with the colours to get some Game Boy looks out of this fella.
Sounds taken from Hey You, Pikachu! and Super Smash Bros. 64.

Mephiles icon.png

MEPHILES THE DARK (Sonic '06) [V1.1]
Mephiles has risen and taken his crystalline physical form to... join in races? As an embodiment of darkness, his weakness is (being) light but his speed can overturn any race.
Sounds are taken from Sonic '06.

Jewel icon.png

JEWEL THE BEETLE (Sonic IDW Comics) [V1]
Tangle's best friend is here to see the commotion around kart racing. Going at a leisurely pace she has handling and acceleration in priority!
Sounds are Colette from Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World.

Rusty Rose icon.png

RUSTY ROSE (Sonic Prime) [V1]
An alternate version of Amy from the Chaos Council. Using full-force to keep in control and get her way, her weight and speed are decked out and to be reckoned with.
Sounds are taken from Sonic Prime (contains minor SFX - will likely update with future episodes).

Callie icon.png

CALLIE (Splatoon) [V1]

The Squid Sisters are here to join, and Callie is eager to roll over the competition! With average weight are more speed over her cousin, she's ideal on having all-round strength to get ahead.
Sounds are taken from Splatoon, Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3.

Marie icon.png

MARIE (Splatoon) [V1]
Marie here's happy to aim for some snipe-shots to get in the lead. She also has average weight but leans more into acceleration, as she is more for being able to pinpoint her movements.
Sounds are taken from Splatoon, Splatoon 2 and Splatoon 3.

Pit icon.png

PIT (Kid Icarus: Uprising) [V2]
Hailing from Skyworld comes Pit, whose nearly all-round in stats and all-round having a good time!
His wings' colour stays white to be a visual indicator it's a Pit and not a Dark Pit on the tracks.
Sounds taken from Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Smash Bros.

Dark Pit icon.png

DARK PIT (Kid Icarus: Uprising) [V2.2]
A carbon copy of Pit, he holds the same stats but a different attitude, and probably does not actually want to be in that kart...
Likewise with Pit, his wings do not change colour.
Sounds taken from Kid Icarus: Uprising and Super Smash Bros.

Toon Link icon.png

TOON LINK (Legend of Zelda: Wind Waker) [V2.1]
The young, cartoonish version of Link is here to race! He's on the lighter side, but he makes for good, sharper turning.
Sounds taken from Super Smash Bros. and Wind Waker.

Balan icon.png

BALAN (Balan Wonderworld) [V1]
Maestro and guide of the Wonderworld, Balan comes with a little bit of everything so he can put on a good show!
Sounds are taken from Balan Wonderworld.

MODIFY PERMISSIONS: There's no prob in asking me, but here's the basic rundown on permissions regarding modifying this pack:
YES: All the characters in this pack are OK to repack for the purpose of another server. Regardless if it's to save download space or you just want to exclude a character or two, it's cool.
I've made private or server-specific addons here and there. If it's not in this pack, do not use or upload them.

YES: Edit or replace the sounds of the characters in this pack, as long as it's for a private server.

NO: Don't edit the spritework or sounds to use, upload or claim as your own. Don't upload older versions of sprites as your own, and don't very obviously use any of the sprites as a base (inspiration is fine of course - just don't literally draw over them a little and call it a day).

NO: Don't use or edit the spritework, sounds or code for malicious or hateful intent. I have no examples of this, but ya know... just covering ground.
Feedback is appreciated and I will take in any criticisms or suggestions about the characters here to the best of my ability.

A special thanks to my friends who are willing to help and input with tests, and assisting on collecting sounds and for guiding me when I first started.
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