Jason The Fox

Jason The Fox v4.8

OK I'm gonna be brutally honest here, no beating around the bush;

The most notable problem with this character is the sprites. The lines are shaky, there's a very clear lack of form understanding, his tail sticks out of his shirt for some reason, there's no shading going on whatsoever, his shoes are more or less just orbs, and he kind of flosses when he walks..? Definitely watch a few sprite tutorials or just art tutorials in general, you could really benefit from it.

The other and objectively most important elephant in the room is the actual gameplay. He is far, FAR too fast to be handled well. Best thing you can do to rectify that is remove the dashmode; not every character needs it and the sheer amount that have it makes it tiresome.

The wall jump on the other hand; it controls, and pardon my French, like dogshit. Sometimes you'll latch onto a wall, sometimes you won't. You just kind of have to pray. And even if you do pull off a wall jump, there's no real propulsion from the wall. You just.. let go. There's literally no point to it.

The jump ability is... it's not bad?? It's ok I guess?? It's really nothing special, just a thok with a little verticality. Nothing that negative to say about it really, but I do think a little more thought could be given than "thok, but make it go uppies".

Overall, you've got a long way to go in terms of quality and playability. Not to put you down, not to deter you or anything, but as it stands I would not use this character in casual gameplay. I would not boot up SRB2 and load up Jason The Fox for a fun few hours. But who knows, with a little grit and determination maybe you can get there. Maybe someday people WILL load up Jason The Fox for a fun few hours.

My advice, watch some art tutorials, put more thought and care into the playability and fun of his moveset, and this'll shoot up in quality in no time.
fun fact he doesnt have the dash mode, thats just a custom ability. Its not actually the real dash mode, if not a forced one.

the wall collision, blame BuggieTheBug for that, he was the one who made the wall collision thing that registers if the player is touching the wall. Your hitbox needs to be touching the wall in order for you to climb, and much as knux climb, you cannot hold yourself onto unclimbable surfaces. As long as its tagged "unclimbable", im sorry, you cannot get through there.

The thok its from Rocket Jump from TeriosSonic, it has been chosen and kept, because it doesnt count as an actual ability for Srb2, which allows you to keep on climbing on the same wall, if you cant find a suitable one to wall jump like Mario, doing a zigzag from a wall to another.
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I have been in a situation like yours where the sprites aren't the best thing ever, and i normally do not base my reviews off the sprites, unless there is some exception.

HOWEVER, i must say these sprites are not the best, and the animation isn't good. I am not the best artist or animator as well and I get it, and I can tell there was effort put into it, but that doesn't change the fact that the animations are janky, and wrong.

The animation really, REALLY needs improvement. Like please, just give Jason more time in the oven and he will be cool. The character looks kinda nice (when just standing there, can't say the same when walking)

I'm not too much of one to talk since I make joke mods but at least the animations are acceptable. This... doesn't really cut it. Sorry.

About the moveset, make him slower, other that I don't have much else to say. No comment on reusable scripts, since I have used only reusable scripts before.

But yeah, just focus on getting at least decent animation and I'm sure he would turn out to be a good character...
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Yeah sorry, I can't really get over how unbearable his handling is. Good concept of a character but it needs some more work.
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Jason feels like a genuine "exponential speed" type character, It starts out slow, but gets faster and rewards you with speed. If climb dash wasn't a bit Janky, then I would have given this a 5 star rating, but the weirdness of climb spin threw me off.
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hey guys, neon here!! welcome to my first solo review!! what? expected a NTV joke here?

Jason is a wacky character, unfinished? possibly. not fun to play as? absolutely.

all i got was a taste in gfz1 and I am very much dissapointed, his accel makes him unable to be controlled on the ground, he cannot maintain his speed or atleast make that speed gain a reward.
all Jason does is be the sms 2. he also has an unnecessary dashmode. why?? he was fast enough already.
the infinite jump is truly bleh. let me play flappy bird in srb2 not use jason and his wack controls!! also gfz2 sigsev'd on startup.

I don't have much to say in regards to spritework, I am not a professional myself, but it needs alot of work. ALOT of work. there are no proper spindash sprites, lack of diagonal sprites, a complete nonexistance of a smooth walk cycle, that bugged me the most. but keep improving!! i believe you'll do better in the near future!! If you had an older version laying around somewhere, pass it over. I'm curious to see what it was.

since avery is asleep and it's 2am for me, I'll be the only one to rate it here.
in summary: he's a wall bumper, the reward of going really fast is just given out like candy, and you can jump forever so you can skip any platforming segment.

i rate it a 1/5. you need to work more on Jason.

shoutouts to pikopiko from the srb2 server!!
Character it's finished. I just don't know about Lua, so i can't add any scripts, sadly making it a boring ass Character.

I'm sorry for that
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