Forgot to make the green less saturated.
Just a few changes no one will notice, like last time.
Forgot to upload the desaturated version.
More minor tweaks! I have nothing else to say.
Just made a few very small tweaks to the palette, nothing too major.
Not much to say, other than that desaturated is based off of JaiPal v1.2 now.
Jaipal v1.2 is here! I completely remade the palette from scratch to fix some of the mistakes that I couldn't fix before. There isn't much that changed from the last version because I tried to recreate it as close as I can, but most things look way better!
Just a slight update to make desaturated not ugly. (Probably did basically nothing)
Mostly just a few minor tweaks with the blacks and whites in the regular version, and a few of the hue shifting changes made in the regular version are now in the desaturated version.
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Slightly tweaked the oranges to make them a bit brighter and made the pinks more pinkish.