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Welcome to the odd world of the J-Bug pack, where I make a bunch of characters that may or may not have any business being in a kart racer!

Expect graphic updates and more in the future.


Bob (Animal Crossing)

STATS - [3,4]

"You only live once...or nine times."
One of the most popular villagers in Animal Crossing moves into Kart!
His gameplay style leans more towards Acceleration and easy turning, whilst not losing TOO much in the drift department.

Moe (Animal Crossing)

STATS - [6,2]

""Ignorance is bliss.
My personal favorite villager claws a spot into kart as well!
His stats are geared more towards boosts and sharp drifts than Bob.

Ninji (Mario series/Doki Doki Panic)

STATS - [8,2]

Obscure Mario enemy and star of the Ninji speedruns, this Fall Guy lookin' dude is not to be underestimated!

His stats are the same as Sonic, giving him Sharp drifts and amazing speed!

Furnace Minecart (Minecraft)

STATS - [4,8]

Minecraft's most useless amazing and helpful feature is now here to show everyone it's true power!

It's as heavy as Metal Sonic with decent speed, don't get (Mine)Karted!

Hercule/Mr. Satan (Dragon Ball Z)

STATS - [5,6]

"Don't mess with the Champ!!"
Mark "Hercule" Satan is here to become the World Champion of SRB2Kart!
His stats are Middle-of-the-road, a reference to how he's a Normal human in the world of Dragon ball.

Fronk (Warioware)

STATS - [6,1]

A recurring character in Warioware, Fronk is here to make short work of the race!
Obviously, he isn't that heavy, but his All-around speed and acceleration should let him squeeze past the competition! Just don't get bumped...


STATS - [7,1]

Your best friend FLOWEY is here to show the other racers the REAL meaning of this world!
He's about as heavy as Fronk, being in a flower pot and all, but he's one step ahead in the speed department! Get to the finish line quickly, all while sharing your LOVE!
(Voice clips courtesy of JackSepticEye)

Wilkins (Jim Henson - Old Wilkin's coffee ads)

STATS - [4,2]

"You know, People who don't drink Wilkin's coffee just blow up sometimes..."
This Psychotic, Coffee-loving Puppet is here to "persuade" everyone to drink Wilkin's!
Get to the finish unopposed, after all, nothing beats Wilkin's!

As always, feedback and (constructive) criticism is greatly appreciated, and Happy karting!
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