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[Reusable] HedgeModels! Version 2.0 V3.0

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Before my school starts tomorrow, I decided to REMAKE MY ENTIRE MODEL PACK!
So here we are... Crawlas! Detons! Springs! RoboFishes! Emblems! Rings! You name it!
Everything was remade from scratch! So see you next time or in a year ;)
Bye and Hope you enjoy and please stay patient with lightsonic... My school starts tomorrow and will not be online on weekdays. Bye!​
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  1. Changed to "Sonic 1 Model Pack"

    Sonic is removed, a new model is in progress and it is now a sonic 1 model pack! Motobug! It is...
  2. SONIC!!!!!

    SONIC IS DONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. v2.0 lol

    Remade.... Lol

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I now have the crawla model... my life is complete.

Joke aside I love you're models. Yes, especially the crawla lol. They look so cute and reminded me of the Crawla Plush (Final Demo (-) Crawla design.) Sucks you have to go back to school, but it's life and it can suck. I'll see you on summer vacation!
Thankies! Wish me luck!
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Welcome to releases!
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