Gustavo and Brick

[Open Assets] Gustavo and Brick 1.0

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Latest reviews

what an awesome gnome and rat!!!
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Really great, it's literally Gustavo and Brick, what's not to love! However, there are some really minor flaws in this character; such as the inconsistent (and pretty quiet) audio, and the portrait sprite looks could need some improvement. However, u go the extra mile by emulating the moving outlines, and a funny drifting sprite. Overall, amazing job.
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as a person who love this duo, i am extremely happy.
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a man and la creatura from funny pizza game is yes
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first pt character mod in srb2 10/10
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the addon ever (peak)
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Being a Pizzer Towel artist is cheating you know :)))
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never has driving a rat been this good. a must have for all gustavo & brick lovers, you know passion for this iconic duo from pizza tower has been poured into those amazing & faithful custom sprites
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THIS IS ABSOLUTLY BALLIN!!!!!!!!! (no pun intended) I really love the amount of detail you gave the sprites AND audio too!! Im looking forward to seeing more characters added to this in the future!
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