wow that is really cool
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I really don't think this level is all that bad for a first time map. (quite impressive actually.)
But... there are some problems with the texture variety, level design, and some enemy placement.
First, try not to use the same rock texture everywhere, it makes it look very bland and eye grading. (plus when you have to go down into the little tunnel right by the lava, I couldn't see the opening very clearly bc of the fact that everything is a rock texture :\ )
Second, (in some areas) its little too open of a level with not a lot of secrets or anything to keep me searching.
Anyways I hope you do improve from this and make a even better level soon ;)
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It's an honest effort for a first map, but I do have some notes to make.

First, none of the rings are flagged to float, so they all sit on the ground instead. The lack of texture diversity means everything looks the same, which becomes a much bigger problem when you make the player have to jump down or into something, and they cant tell where to land or where the gaps in the wall are, because the floors and walls have the exact same texture. There's also no use of changing light levels for when you're in he caves either. There's even some Hall of Mirrors walls that mean you're missing a texture there.

Above all else, I didn't have much to do in this level. I suppose that's to be expected from a first map, but its mostly wide paths with some enemies to ignore, and a few springs or boosters to interact with.

Don't let that discourage you though, we all gotta start somewhere! Your map DOES try to have secrets like emblem collecting, and its got more length than some other first time maps. Just keep at it, maybe ask some community folks, and you'll get to making good maps soon enough!
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