Green Flower From The intro But Hangout map

Green Flower From The intro But Hangout map 1.3.3

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So once upon a time i was playing srb2 and i realized that nobody has remade the GFZ from the intro Cutscene

Basically i turned it into a canopy
So the whole point of the map is that um you can explore. since you only see the map from a single camera angle i decided to ad lib and turn it into more of a Forest Type canopy. There are odd little secrets here and there but since its a hangout map you can find a signpost because because

... the exit is located in a cave in the.... UNDERGROUND AREA OOOH... near the exit of the underground area ... oooooooh

Theres no horror btw but there is like um a house
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Latest updates

  1. the spleenik objectsa work now

    yay (these guys btw) not tellin ya where they are lol
  2. accidental tree spawn

    i accidentally removed ALL of the darn player spawns so... you spawn inside a tree
  3. Oopsie daisies

    in a goofy little bug i didnt see a spawn i placed at the last moment sorry

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me and my friends would troll each other in that map
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This is a pretty good recreation/showcase! I was expecting there to be very little but I was surprised with the amount of detail and the whole lower part of the map. Along with looking good, it also has some good screenshot potential. (And I normally don't go around taking scenic screenshots.)

There are some minor flaws though. They don't ruin the pack but I would want to point some out.

One of them being it's kinda hard to come to pack to the initial spawn point since I have a 50/50 chance of actually reaching there with the springs. But that might be due to the fact I played the stage with a mod character.

Another is that it feels just a tad bit empty, especially in the lower part. Some lanterns, flowers, and general decoration might liven things up. Maybe even hide some Chaos Emeralds so players have a reason to explore outside of finding the secret room and such. This leads to my final point.

The secret area just kinda blends in. If I didn't slow down to see the cracked wall I would have just kept running by it. I know it's supposed to be a secret (kinda). Maybe if it was pointed out a bit more it would be easier to find.

But besides that, great job! Can't wait to see more!
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