FMSRB2 - The Sega Genesis Cover Soundtrack [Work In Progress]

FMSRB2 - The Sega Genesis Cover Soundtrack [Work In Progress] 0.4

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This is a project that I have been working on on-and-off ever since last summer. It's effectively a "cover album" in the form of a music replacement mod for the vanilla game, with the aim of remaking all songs in the game using a wide range of Sega Genesis/Megadrive-styled instrumentation, mostly geared at classic sonic style music.

These covers were created by me in FL Studio using a mixture of Genny, VOPM, and rom samples. The original MIDIs were used as a foundation. They are not "midi slaps". Despite not being made traditionally in a tracker, these covers obey the polyphony limitations of the soundchips used, though some liberty is taken in terms of what certain sound drivers were capable of. The aim is for authenticity, while providing a somewhat of a unique spin on the concept of "sega genesis covers".

Progress on this mod is still very much at the Work in Progress stage, roughly at 40% completion by my standards. This is reflected in the version number. Some songs are currently placeholder, for when I decide to come back to them later (mainly CHSEL and INTRO).

There are two editions of this mod: "Audio Only" and "Full". Audio Only is for use in netgames, or just to play unmodified SRB2 w/o tripping the game's anti-cheat. The Full edition contains some Lua and SOC edits that adds a few minor things, such as unique Level Clear jingles that change the percussion depending on the music in the level, as well as a console variable which contains an easter egg. Hence why I chose to upload this in the Lua section.

I'm not sure if i'm forgetting anything else, so have a go and tell me what you think of my work so far! I hope to finish covering the soundtrack in less than the time it took me to get to the point of releasing this WIP! lol

Intended Progress Roadmap:
: Act 1 themes of each major Zone, with most Jingles and other misc. themes
v0.6: Act 2 themes of each major Zone, Boss themes, Haunted Heights & Aerial Garden, plus all the remaining jingles
v0.8: Special Stage themes, plus some Multiplayer stage themes, maybe Azure Temple
v1.0: Secret Stage themes, Azure Temple, plus all of the remaining Multiplayer stage themes currently used in SRB2 2.2, at which point all of the used vanilla soundtrack should be covered
v1.X: Any unused themes left in the game that I feel like covering

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Really good, only issue I have with it is that it isn't finished, so I can't listen to the music in every level
gdi i need to finish this at some point LOL
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now i want to play srb2 with my genesis!
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That's some good music if I've ever heard some. Especially the unused 2.1 ERZ beta theme.
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Welcome to releases!
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