Expanded Signposts

Expanded Signposts V3.0

New signs! Decorations!

- New signpost, sprited by Mitsuo; meant to be a nod to the classic/Game Gear signposts.
- Ribbons! Players who finish 1st-3rd, along with players who finish while in a Power state (sp_participationtrophy required), will have a ribbon tied around their signpost.
- Bases! Players who finish in Grow state will have their signs reinforced with a strong base.
- Emeralds! Players who finish while Super state is active will have an Emerald decorating their ribbon as well.


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- Fixed an issue where MT_OVERLAY's target wasn't always valid; props to Xian for catching this oversight.
New command: sp_participationtrophy - Allows 4th and below to earn a signpost upon completing the race. Participation signs will be colored according to the player's chosen skin color. Two-tone color mains rejoice!

New sign type: BIG. Players who finish while in Grow/Grow+ will earn a signpost 1.5x normal scale, triggering a quake only felt by other finishers upon landing.

New sign type: SHINY. Players who finish while Invincibility is active will spawn a sparkly signpost that cycles through a rainbow made from SRB2's Super colors!

New sign type: GLOWY. Players who finish during Super Form will spawn a glowing signpost. Glow color is either the Super variant of a podium color (1st-3rd), or your chosen HugeQuest Super Color (4th and below with sp_participationtrophy enabled).

Updated code for compatibility with HugeQuest Pierre.
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