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I'm remaking this line because it sounds kinda harsh. This is a beta. When all vanilla characters are supported, it'll be launched. Till then, please leave some constructive criticism. I adore these models and my models have never looked better. Please tell me what you think. This model pack includes all of Green Flowers enemies, most of Techno Hill's, Sonic, Knuckles, Objects like trees and Bushes and some mods. Also the Pine tree and Tails are from a test for the update, which will fix Saturn Metal eyes and add Tails and Fang. Thanks for the support!
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Latest reviews

I thoroughly enjoyed these models. I have no big complaints, other than one nitpick, but I'll save that for last. The good things are numerous; smooth animations, a goofy aesthetic that feels right at home with the game itself, and an overall love letter to the most obscure part of the sonic franchise. The only tiny nitpick is that Metal Sonic's idle stance is a little to tight and could have more of a threatening pose per say, but this could be updated later, and I still like the model and the rest of his animations. This is a model pack that I cannot recommend more!
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Thx for doing this it's just perfect! is like jeck jims Saturn md2 from 2.1 and this is really cool to see (the tails model is looking perfect lol)
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This is easily my favorite model pack. The Saturn era sonic models are my favorite in the Sonic franchise. I really hope tails releases soon. But take your time 😁. Can't wait for the next update
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YOOOO this mod pack is E-P-I-C. The first time i have seen such obscure characters getting their own models like Xtreme and Crawla.
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this is everything i ever wanted,thank you.
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you forgor to release the new version of tails but oh well. great model pack
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this model pack is great! i love the xtreme model and the ugly knux one! if you want to, do models of Gemma the Tarsier-Cat: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/gemma-the-tarsier-cat.482/
Flame the Dragon: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/flame-the-dragon.2699/
And Vesola the Bee from this character pack: https://mb.srb2.org/addons/team-kinetic-dirk-whirl-vesola.548/
I may do those another time. Also I want to make the whole trio.
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I like this model pack. A good, not so accurate, saturn models.
Some animations looks solid enough, some of them looks really weird. for example - Super Sonic standing, it literally looks like he's just dancing or something, it's kinda funny. I only tried Vanilla Sonic and SSN model.
I might change that animation.
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I was just watching mario party then i saw a nonification
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This My Cup of Tea!
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