Darius' Character Pack - RELEASE 2 [Classic, Retro Nintendo Action!]

Darius' Character Pack - RELEASE 2 [Classic, Retro Nintendo Action!] Release 02

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The new and improved!! Updated this time with my own freehand drawn character sprites! Featuring 4 amazing characters. Packed and Separate (And includes Custom Lua). Enjoy! :)


ASUKA (SENRAN KAGURA) - Speed 6 | Weight 5

It seems that Master Hanzo (Aka Asuka's Grandfather) gave Asuka an invitation to be a shinobi master by... Racing?! Yep! That's right! We have the protagonist of Senran Kagura, Our favorite futomaki roll loving shinobi ready to hit the track.

IKARUGA (SENRAN KAGURA) - Speed 9 | Weight 7
The second Hanzo Academy student who fights with honor and is more serious, Now joins other shinobi in SRB2KART! Despite being a faster racer than Asuka and Homura, She is still bound to do anything to take on tough turns.

SUPER MARIO BROS. 3 MARIO (NES) - Speed: 5 | Weight: 5
Enjoyed playing Super Mario Bros. 3 on the classic NES? Ever wishes this 8-Bit styled Mario was in Kart? Well wish no more because he's ready for action!! He's pretty balanced like Knuckles though so don't expect him to be any lighter, heavier, slower or faster. So yeah.

KIRBY SUPER STAR KIRBY (SNES) - Speed: 6 | Weight: 2
Do you love old-school Kirby on the Super Nintendo? Do you miss that classic pinkish color scheme of his? Well notanymore, guys! Kirby in his Super Star form in SRB2KART is out with a bang and is a lot faster and with sound effects from the SNES game, You will have a lot of fun with this character.
-Note: This character includes custom Lua with his custom engine noises from Kirby Super Star.

*Release 01
- Public Release

*Release 02
- Added SMB3 Mario to the Roster
- Added KSS Kirby to the Roster

*Namolos - Custom Engine Noises Lua
*Superjustinbros - 8-Bit Kartmaker Sprites
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