Dano's Partially Accurate Models

Dano's Partially Accurate Models v1.6.9

I know this is somewhat disappointing, but I only made one model

-Remade the sign to be nearly perfectly identical
-No, this isn't a reboot whatever that is

-Added the gold monitors that I forgot about
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-Tweaked Metal Sonic's Textures

-Added the crab thing from the water place

-Also added crab thing's blue variant

-Added the Turtle from the canyons

-Remade the Emerald Token

-Added Emblems

-Added Majora's mask and Top Hat from the cosmetics addon

-Failed to make knux again
-Added Tornado and Gun abilities to good ol' Kirbo

-Added Tornado object to Kirby

-Tweaked more textures

-Attempted to make knuckles, was ugly, gonna try again
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-Remade Kirby's model and most of the abilities + his Modern alt
-That's it :)
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-Updated Sonic's textures
-Remaking Kirby's model soon
-nothing else
-so yeah
-I'll make knuckles soon I guess
-bye (for now)
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-Finished Metal Sonic

-Added the Metal Sonic Boss' model

-Modelled the purple shield thing the boss does when he's gonna shoot something


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-Added Metal Sonic (WIP)

-Tweaked Sonic's Textures

-Tweaked Tails' Textures

-Tweaked Tails' Animations

-Added Wait Animation to Tails
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-Added Gun Kirby because I forgot to last time
-Redid the animations for sonic

-Remade the rings

-Remade the trees

-Added a new face to sonic (when he dies)

-Made Sonic's color a bit brighter

-Added shading to sonic

-Remade the shields

-I accidentally forgot to make gun Kirby

There were other things, but I forgot what they were