Dano's Models

Dano's Models v1.6.3

-removed the useless _MACOSX folder
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-Fixed Starpost

-Fixed CEZ2 Spring Ball Things

-Fixed Spike Ball

-I fixed them cause they were kinda ugly, and the starpost didn't flash any colors when activated

-enjoy it like your favorite snack
-Added Blue Sphere Models

-this is a small update...
-Added Monitor models (not the gold ones yet)

-Added DSZ Water Droplet Model

-Minecart Spark model (that nobody will notice that easily)

-Enjoy it now
-Un-Maniafied all the objects

-made the rings look FABULOUS

-Springs were remade

i just removed the line of sm64 mario in models.dat because i'm not done yet...
-Added the Nights Animation Frames to Sonic and made his shoes kinda cleaner

-The Model Pack has an Icon now

-Made a Water Splash model, and a Bush model

-GFZ is completely 3D Modeled!!!!!

-This is kinda a small update


-I also redid my Spike models

-I might do Tails soon


-yeah, I think that's all

-what was that one phrase...

-oh right!

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Added a Steve model, dirt block model, and enderpearl model

Made sonic look WAY better

Made a peelout model for the paper sprite peelout mod

Orange flowers from Greenflower Zone were made

btw, you can make custom steve skins!

what else...



yeah i forgot what else I made... OH WELL, ENJOY!
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-Added more animations to sonic (Because I forgot to last time)

-Sonic has compability with X-momentum's failed trick sprite

-oh and I changed the version number!
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