Dano's Models

Dano's Models v1.6.3

-Added Cactus

-Added the Gargoyle Statues from DSZ

-Tweaked a few animations from kirby and sonic
-Added hammer animation to kirby

-Added Emerald Token Model
-Added an unfinished kirby model (Still working on it) he has all his main animations and a few powerup animations

-Tweaked sonic's stand and walk animations

-Added A peelout animation for super sonic

-changed the rings a little

-Kirby has the bomb and star objects modelled
-Added the Mosquito from THZ
-MAJOR improvements to the GFZ bushes
-Made the broken monitor look like a crime scene lol
-Added a life icon for Sonic's model

That's all folks!


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-Added the Rolling ball from RVZ
-Remade the sign model
-Remade the Starpost
-Also, I DID mention a fish

I love birthdays
-Added the Spring turtle from THZ
-Made the animation from the splash model look less lazy
-made some minor tweaks to sonic's walk
-I think I forgot to mention there was a fish model for GFZ
-is that it?
-I don't know...
-ok, enjoy :)
-Added Peelout animation to sonic
-Added Fish from GFZ
I'm gonna stop updating for like a day or two or more or something yeah
-Made the GFZ pink flower model animation better

-Tried to improve the Nights Mode Capsule
New and improved sonic model (It doesn't look ugly)
-Goodbye ugly sonic model :)

-I still have no pc :(