Dano's Models

Dano's Models v1.6.3

-Finished Metal Sonic

-Added the Metal Sonic Boss' model

-Modelled the purple shield thing the boss does when he's gonna shoot something


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-Added Metal Sonic (WIP)

-Tweaked Sonic's Textures

-Tweaked Tails' Textures

-Tweaked Tails' Animations

-Added Wait Animation to Tails
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-Added Gun Kirby because I forgot to last time
-Redid the animations for sonic

-Remade the rings

-Remade the trees

-Added a new face to sonic (when he dies)

-Made Sonic's color a bit brighter

-Added shading to sonic

-Remade the shields

-I accidentally forgot to make gun Kirby

There were other things, but I forgot what they were
-Added Classic Kirby Alt

Just rename the folder called "KIRBYC" to "KIRBY" (don't use the quotation marks)
-Added Tails

-Added Mic to Kirby

-Added UFO to Kirby

-Added Tornado to Kirby

-Tweaked Sonic's Textures

I'm gonna work on stone kirby next :)
-Added a sword animation

-Added a Sleep animation

-Added a Spark animation

-Added a Starship animation

-Tweaked the springs' textures

-Tweaked the splash animation to no go as high up
-Added The flowers from THZ

-Shield models exist now

-Remade the Spring Model

-Also Remade the Mace Model from CEZ

-Fixed the size on the mace as well

-Fixed the size on the chain spinning thing in CEZ

Next Update will focus on kirby

I also realized that updating frequently means people can't enjoy the models and will have to constantly update
-Added Needle animation for Kirby

-Added Yahoo animation for Kirby as well

-Tweaked the splash model again

-Next time, I'm gonna add a lot more