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Dano's Models v1.3.9

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This is a model pack that makes most things 3D, even things that most modellers don't want to do, such as Flowers, Trees, Spikes, The Minecart from Arid Canyon Zone, the Doors for minecarts in Arid Canyon, and many more!

And I like to make my models as accurate as possible, so sometimes it might be hard to notice some models.

ANYWAY, hope you like them!
  • srb2 tnt.png
    srb2 tnt.png
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  • srb2 stalagmite.png
    srb2 stalagmite.png
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  • srb2 deton.png
    srb2 deton.png
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    srb2 crawla statue.png
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  • srb2 tall candle.png
    srb2 tall candle.png
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  • srb2 spinny chain thing.png
    srb2 spinny chain thing.png
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  • srb2 big flowers.gif
    srb2 big flowers.gif
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  • srb2 fire.gif
    srb2 fire.gif
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  • srb2 spinny thingy.gif
    srb2 spinny thingy.gif
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  • srb2 torch.gif
    srb2 torch.gif
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  • srb2aczoillamp.png
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  • srb2 minecart.gif
    srb2 minecart.gif
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  • srb2 minecart stopper.gif
    srb2 minecart stopper.gif
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  • srb2 sallon doors.gif
    srb2 sallon doors.gif
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Latest reviews

This is amazing and steve is a nice touch, but sonic's face look a little weird, but otherwise, this is a very good model pack :]
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Wow, finally. Someone who actually cares enough to do this stuff. And honestly? This looks great! You even made a paper peelout model, outstanding my guy! I'd love to see more things get modeled that never get the attention to have a model. Characters like steve, and props as well. Keep it up!
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10/10, best model pack I've ever used. what else can I say, these models are AMAZING!
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Cool bud, you did it your models are on mb!
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Thanks for leaving Jeck Jims 2.2 3D Models 1.6 early! But with all seriousness, this really looks like something that Mr. Jim would do, i've just added 90% of the object models and not replacing objects that were already modeled by Jim, because i've just wanted this to be like a kind of DLC or Expansion from the original mod. But models like the fire, the candles, the chain-launch transporter from CEZ do look like part of the original 3D Models mod. I'll give it 5 stars because it's having more 3D Models in the game for me and that's cool.
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Whoa, this is super impressive! Own it's own, it's pretty well made and I was caught off that even the CEZ pine trees are modelled in now. I love those, the spikes, and the ACZ assets a ton!! I merged this with my Jeck Jims models and other packs and I'm one step closer to having a fully 3D SRB2. My only gripe are that the GFZ trees look really strange compared to their sprite counterparts in how they're shaped. Keep at it, these look awesome!
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amazing! sonic is a bit how's it going and i can't notice the little flower models but this is amazing! spikes, trees, they are all great! perfection is acheived!
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Wait holy shit you actually released it

Impressive work over there Dano, i wish you can take a break after all you made lol
Defenitely! I will have a good break
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Welcome to releases! A bit too resource intensive for my rig, but it's great to see this stuff get modeled!
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