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Greetings, Diegão here. (or Diego, because i'm sure you will mispronounce "Diegão" if you don't speak fluent Portuguese)

I'm presenting you a remake of the CTF map "Hot Rock Zone", originally made by my friend from the BR community CG64. You can see the original post here.

  • The most important: although the layout was preserved in a good part, the visuals and the graphical identity were totally revamped, adding more topographic variety, background elements, better textures, lots of details, more complexity for the bases and a skybox. The map is much more pleasant to see and looks much more like a thing for 2.2. Also, it makes up with the map's original purpose to being a mix between Flame Rift Zone and Techno Hill Zone;
  • Changed some weapons position to make them a little harder to catch;
  • Added more rings and monitors.
I hope you guys enjoy this map as much as i enjoyed making this. Leave your reviews bellow! See ya later.


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Coauthor: CG64.
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A thousand times better than the original, although it's a little difficult to go back to your base with the flag in hand as you can't use the characters' abilities to get away from parts of the level that slow you down a bit.
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Welcome to releases!
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