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[Reusable] cosmic emerald's character tweaks (CECT) 1.1

I give permission for this addon to be reused, modified, or ported by anyone
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this is Cosmic Emerald's tweaks, each of the vanilla character's have some tweaks that make them,
1. have their normal speed and acceleration different
2. have different skin flags
3. their jump factor will be different based off the usability or general use of the character.
(normal speed is normally 36, accel is normally 40, jumpfactor is usually 1.0)

stat changes: normal speed is now 39
his acceleration is 35
his jumpfactor is 1.06

he has a dashmode (sprites re-used from alt sonic), his thok is also now momentum based and he runs on water, sports a brighter look (skin color is cornflower btw) basically he is a generally faster character, but accelerates slower.

stat changes: normalspeed is 38
acceleration is 52
jumpfactor is 1.2

he doesn't have much different for the abilities but he can run on water and go super, he also has a brighter look. (apricot)

stat changes: normal speed is also 38
acceleration is 40 (default)
jumpfactor is 1.0 (default)


knuckles is can use his glide multiple times and also has the SF_STOMPDAMAGE parameter, but he also has a punch (sprites not made yet) he can use it from jumping, being on the ground, basically anytime as long as you are alive

stat changes: normalspeed is 37
acceleration is 45
jumpfactor is 1.0

she has a double jump for her main ability, but can still use the twin spin as a jump spin ability, she also can now damage the enemies by landing on top of them, mario damage style.

stat changes: normal speed = 35
acceleration is 40
jumpfactor is 1.1

he can throw bombs (throw sprites planned), and he has a dashmode

stat changes: normalspeed is 38
accel is 36
jump factor is 1.06

metalsonic can now go through knuckles' walls, and run on water, and he
has a thok and superjump activated by custom1.

sonic's dashmode sprites are re-used from alt sonic
fangs bomb throw re-used from fang bomb throw: made by Simon_T
char ability plans (activated with custom 1):
tails: idk, let me know if you have ideas.​
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Latest updates

  1. More Abilities!

    fang can throw bombs (script from fang bomb throw by Simon_T) and metal sonic can do a superjump...

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SUPER late to this but tails could maybe forward boost in air BUT bounces off a wall if hit
Also like the abilities
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Welcome to releases! I do like that you've given new abilities to Sonic, Knuckles and Amy here, they're pretty nice. Although Sonic's is pretty hard to control at times, and holding down Custom 1 as Knuckles while gliding basically lets you fly across the entire map.

I do kinda wish Tails, Fang, and Metal Sonic also had their own abilities, as of right now their changes don't really impact much of anything. Also, Metal Sonic accessing Knuckles paths doesn't really do a whole lot for him, since he's still incapable of taking most of them. If you can add new abilities to the rest of the cast, I think this would improve this mod by a long shot, and make it feel like a proper complete package.
Cosmic Emerald
Cosmic Emerald
thats the twist, im gonna give all the characters an ability
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