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Classic Kirby

So many people are making Kart mods that I couldn't resist throwing my hat in the ring. Here's Kirby!

One of Kirby's main features is his multiple colors, with his body and kart being different colors based on the main color you pick. Lots of thanks to Tripel the Fox for that, he was also the one who assembled the entire wad, separating kirby's feet from the main body and kart, and adding it into the wad.


Here's a guide to all of Kirby's Colors. See if you can figure out where each color comes from!

I've had Kirby's sprites on the back burner for a while, but Kart gave me a new chance to make something with them.

Just remember to have fun racing as Nintendo's pink puffball.

...and before you ask, no I am not making a warp star kirby

Update: v3 is now available with completely new sprites. Second color version is not ready yet but will be eventually. The download for v21 is still available for anyone who wants the secondcolor version
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