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Botanic Space Returns! - Botanic Space Zone Acts 1 & 2 from ULDC and OLDC, now in one standalone release!

Botanic Space Zone is back! A level I originally intended for a level pack, with Act 1 & 2 seen in both ULDC and OLDC, now in their own standalone release, with slight updates and adjustments.

Explore the heart of a beautiful asteroid system, sprawling with temples and ruins nestled in green space grass and flowing space water, hopefully there's no nasty surprises around the corner in this space-lit sanctuary.....

This standalone release contains TWO versions of the maps, with and without...

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this is truly the best thing that happened to 2.2 in my opinion. I'm amazed at how close this is to vanilla levels (if, of course, it's a little tweaked and the issues are fixed).

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