Blacc's.. Skincolor packs.....

Blacc's.. Skincolor packs..... 2021-06-20

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So... I made some skincolors.

This resource features 3 packs (not counting the one that combines all). All of which have different skincolors and have different ways to possibly use them with.

Dunno what else to say here, so I hope you enjoy I guess.

Made the file into one that features all three skincolor packs. If you really want to use them all and not take up addon space.

BES Version 1.1.4
-Added color "Spice"
-Added color "Basil"
-Added color "Ink"
BES Version 1.1.3
-Added color "Dark Rose"
-Added color "Sunrise"
-Added color "Eclipse"
-Added color "Lakefoam"
-Added color "Mossy"
BES Version 1.1.2
-It's a mirage
BSS Version 3.3
-Added a space for the skincolor name "Blood Orange"
BES Version 1.1.1
-Fixed Chartreuse's name due to me not realizing I have bad grammar
BES Version 1.1
-Added the following skincolors: Volcanic, Coral, & Brimstone
BES Version 1
-Initial Release
Version 3.2
-Moved Frostburn on the color selection by 1 right
Version 3.1
-Fixed Watermelone's chatcolor & invcolor
Version 3
-Changed palettes for plain, Raisin, Opal, Rune, & MayaBlue
-Added color Corrosion
-Added color Raven
-Added color Vermillion
-Added color Pines
-Added color Ultramarine
-Added color Powder
-Added color Mud
-Added color Citrus
-Added color Bleach
-Added color Paprika
-Added color Algae
-Added color Taffy
-Added my color
-Added my other color
-Added color Watermelone
-Changed MayaBlue's name to Frostburn
-Changed Raisin's name to Iris

Have fun.
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