Arctin's Random Assortment of Characters Pack

Arctin's Random Assortment of Characters Pack v2

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A collection of random characters I created for Kart!



Derpy Hooves
"I just don't know what went wrong!"
[3, 2]

Derpy Hooves takes the wheel! And while that does happen to be a road safety hazard, kart lacks any safety, so Derpy is perfectly allowed to drive here! She doesn't go very fast but has great acceleration. Just don't let her get hit by anything, or she'll go flying.​


Rainbow Dash
"I could clear the sky in ten seconds flat!"
[9, 3]

Rainbow Dash loves to race and especially to win, so taking on Kart racing was a no brainer for her. Expectedly, she is very fast and is able to make tight turns. Don't get careless with her, unless your name is Rainbow Crash.​


"Your place is here, your destiny is here... but mine is somewhere out there for me to find."
[7, 7]

With Spyro in the race, it wouldn't be a big surprise for Cynder to come have a shot. The former Terror of the Skies shares similar stats to most Spyro characters, but is a little bit heavier and can pack a hefty bonk.​
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