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I will be shot if I just call it KartMania - Aqua, 2024
Tired of other racers keeping you down with annoying items?
Do you just want to show what you're made of without other racers getting in the way? Boy, do I have something for you.

AKM intro.gif

If you've played TrackMania before, you know what to do. Go play already. Or continue reading.
In Aqua's KartMania, you race around levels as usual, but item play is gone. Instead it's just you, other players (that you cannot collide with), and pure adrenaline fueling your desire to achieve the #1 record time on the server. All item boxes only supply a single sneaker; make good use of it.
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Every time a map is loaded, you'll have a predetermined amount of time (by default 6 minutes) to set the fastest lap of the round. The mod also stores all-time records; if you beat one of these top 3 records, your name and time will be shown on the medal display until your time is kicked out of the top 3. It's a competitive world and you better make it.

During the countdown, hold accelerate to get a free perfect start boost. Timing is unnecessary; fast corners aren't.

Finished a lap? Good job, you're ready to start a new one. Bonked a wall and now you're three seconds behind on your split? No problem.
Hit your CUSTOM1 button (set it in options!) and take another drive. You need to defend that 1st place time, after all.

AKM commands.gif

Commands for players:
akm_cpcooldown 0-999 -> the cooldown in seconds for the checkpoint display to pop up
akm_hidelb On/Off -> the time in seconds after lap start to hide the leaderboard (on the left side of the screen)
akm_printcheckpoints On/Off -> when on, prints checkpoint splits for all new record times to the console
akm_printrecords On/Off -> when on, prints a line in console whenever a player gets a top 3 record
akm_join -> join the current round after the initial 20 seconds have passed. can also be activated by joining the game from spectator mode or the pause menu

Commands for servers:
akm_roundtime -> round time for a map in seconds. default is 360 seconds (6 minutes)
akm_forcesneaker -> forces sneakers to be rolled from item boxes. when disabled, make sure to reset kartdebugitem and kartdebugamount manually.
akm_endrace -> end the current round and save records to disk

AKM attributions.gif

Art for this addon was made by both YairKirby and Toxicoow. A bunch of thanks go to them for the great sprites they provided.
The scoreboard from HOSTMOD was used and modified for this addon. Special thanks go to Tyron and Snu.
The countdown and checkpoint sounds are from TrackMania Stadium.
Special thanks go to the Aqua's Karthouse community for helping test this addon and breaking it every single time I hosted a test.

Important notes for server owners
Top 3 medal times are only saved when the round time hits 0 seconds or when the akm_endrace command is used. Keep this in mind.
To let players end maps early (when there's not enough time to try for a new record for example), I suggest making the akm_endrace command votable with HOSTMOD.

Records for all maps are loaded when the server starts. If you have records for 300 maps, this will bloat the savegame and the server might freeze when someone joins. Keep this in mind.

Some maps feature gimmicks that aren't quite compatible with this addon. Some maps, for example, remove bits of track after someone crosses a certain sector. Nobody will be able to take that faster route again until the map is reloaded.
This is highly map-specific and not something I can do much about. I recommend removing maps with issues from the map pool with SOCs.

Known issues
- Sometimes when restarting a lap you might spawn slightly angled. Restart again and it should be fixed.

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