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SSN Sonic is back in SRB2! This time he has new things up his sleeve.

Jump Boost
Just after your regular thok, hold jump and then you'll be charging the jump boost! Release jump to also release the jump boost.


Be careful however, you can overcharge it!


Press spin anytime on the ground to do a stop-dash! You will start charging a spindash and you lose all of your momentum, use this to retain dash-mode in certain areas!


Press spin anytime in the air when you're not spinning and you will curl! You can perform the thok and the jump boost after curling.


Oh, and you become invincible when you're on dash-mode.
There are also colors!
Enjoy Alt SSN!
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Latest reviews

After playing this mod to the first half of THZ2. I feel like he needs some nerfing as I got into THZ2 very quickly (and the fact the first boss is a joke). If it were really Alt SSNSonic, his ability would be nerfed. Also, the base color doesn't match the Legacy Trio like D00D64 pointed out.
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I think this is a great mod. Its simple but very op. To be honest this character is now my speed run go to. I beat Greenflower zone 1 in 20 seconds with this mod. Great job.
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This moveset, while seemingly fun at first, is unbalanced and unsatisfying to pull off. The choice of SSN Sonic as a skin is also questionable. Here are some suggestions I have for the mod:

- Please just use the normal sonic skin for SRB2 instead. There's no purpose in making this mod an Alternative SSN Sonic when you could give it your own flair instead. You can also try to add in your own custom sprites, but I do not recommend this if you don't have experience with spriting SRB2.
- To balance the moveset, I recommend nerfing the thok to 50 FRACUNITS from 60 so that the moveset isn't just a more powerful version of Sonic's moveset. Also, I recommend cutting the jump boost height gain in half to prevent the player from cheesing the levels.
- I don't think the player's z axis movement should be completely halted when charging the jump boost. If you remove it, then there is a downside to charging it longer which makes the moveset more balanced.
- The player should not be able to use their abilities after curling in the air; the point is that you're supposed to jump to be able to use them.
- I don't think a dashmode or a stopdash is really necessary as they just serve to clutter the moveset. Instead, I believe you should simply let the player perform another ability if they roll in the air after using the thok. That way, the moveset could be simpler and easier to use.
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I feel like we could of thrown this as a lua addon to vanilla Sonic, we need just a bit more to make this guy it's own character. It's a neat idea don't get me wrong but this is a little underwhelming for a big new character

Also I pray you ported this yourself? Because we already have a SSNSonic mod I know people like to edit and it'd be rude if you forgot to credit
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This mod is awesome!
The jump boost is cool, the regular Alt Sonic doesn't have it.
It has a thok, like the regular Sonic. You don't need to turn on a "legacymode" command on to use it.
I like the coloring.
Altogether, this seems like as if it actually was an Alt Sonic for 2.1!
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the idea is cool but sadly it leaves a lot to work i think u should put more thinks
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this is definitely a mod that exists i will give you that

it's not absolutely atrocious by any means, don't take the one-star rating to mean that it's the worst mod on the planet, but it definitely requires a complete remake to be anywhere near enjoyable to me. it suffers a LOT from trying to capitalise off of being an "alt" character, and even then it's just a slightly different approach to alt/crystal sonic's moveset.

also, please nerf the moveset, please. i enjoy my fair share of absolutely busted characters from time to time but this goes overboard to the point where i have to wait because the thok was TOO powerful.
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If you want to see my full review, look in the Discussion part of the thread. Welcome to release!
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So, the abilities al work and all, but... why does he seem not colored correctly compared to Legacy Trio Sonic? Why are several sprites added as PNGs, bloating the filesize? Wht did being SSN Sonic add to this mod? Seems more like this mod could have used vanilla Sonic and lost nothing.
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