72HR-UDMF — Collab

72HR-UDMF — Collab 1.2

Just glad to participate in my first ever collaboration (don't ask why I'm posting my review NOW, instead of when this came out)!
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this was cool until it jumpscared me like 4 times in a row for no reason
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I was enjoying a great collab, when I reached the Azure Temple section, everything turned sour and so did my mood.
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I really liked LJ Sonic's part, so nice and atmospheric, want more of this kind of level designs
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Azurest temple is hard. Nice Collab
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This is amazing so far (I still cant beat the troll square)

Speaking of the troll square - is it supposed to be using Digital Cube's Skybox?

And speaking of Digital Cube - The last gravpad has its back extended to the ground? Can this be fixed please?
I decided not to change the skybox in troll square because it suits the atmosphere
And your issue has been fixed
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Great collab all around. I had a really fun time working together with everyone else here on our own sections.

I think the trolling might get a bit out of hand in a couple of different sections, to be honest. Getting trolled is funny, having to repeat long stretches of platforming isn't.

But all in all, this was a really fun collab and I'm glad I took part. I'm also surprised how quickly it was all compiled together. Would gladly do this again! Hats off.
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great collab
it was kinda funny seeing the end of my section go into the start of othius' section and i prefer your emblem hint over mine in my section also

issues that i saw as of this version:
- tri-sided pit and mini greenland's section names were swapped for some reason
- the sky graphic for tri-sided pit wasn't changed to the sunset one
I fixed it, sorry about that!
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Dude, you spelled my name wrong.

I LOVE how this turned out! This might be my favorite map of this format- The quality of levels output in such a short time as a result of UDMF (and actually moreso a result of really good mappers!) is ASTOUNDING. There are so many areas here that display extreme proficiency in many different aspects, level design, visual design, technical aspects. There's even a boss!

Just a heads up, you spelled my name as "Otius", and Evertone's name as "Everstone". These are minor nitpicks though.

Great work everyone!
Names have been corrected. Sorry :^
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