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ADVISORY WARNING: Includes blood and gruesome depictions of characters! May also cause Seizures!

v6.0 is here! Here are some new stuff added in the new update!

- Act 6
- Changes in TDF Hangout and TDF School
- Decreased file size
- Some other stuff

Hope you enjoy the update!

To get announcement's when I update TDF or other mod's, join my Discord server!

Dylan's Addon Server: https://discord.gg/xvGtfZ2AfC

Recommended Setup:
OpenGL - Doesn't Matter
Shaders - ON
3D models - Doesn't Matter
First Person - ON

All Credit belongs to Spinsnazo, for creating such a wonderful addon and getting me into SRB2 and modding

Ported by Dylan (dylansahr)

The Black Castle Map by Glass_Teeth

Coding, Bug Fixes, and Help by RedBlueSpector (Retired), SpectrumUK

Coding, and help from Amperbee, DylanDude, Monster Iestyn, Othius, Voidy2246, MIDIMan, SpectrunUK

Beta Tested by Spinsnazo, Josue, Jetrus, Alternative, Funky Duck, Sparkette, That There Vincent, LexTheGamer95, Dusk The Gymnure and many other people when hosting. Thank you :)

Spinsnazo, Josue, Sparkette, Jetrus, Funky Duck, Alternative, Brandon, Glass Teeth, Disrupted_Vessel, LexTheGamer95, Mr. Guy, Power Boost, Ashura, Speed, Kit Kat, Dusk the Gymnure and everyone else who I have played with on the Master Server whenever I hosted, Thank you! You guys wouldn't have made TDF the way it is without you guys.
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Dylan Sahr
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Latest reviews

This pack really does a phenomenal job really nailing the scary/creepy/unnerving/eerie/unsettling vibe and the hangout maps are really fun to explore and, well, hang out in. My only gripes are you can't escape the star-shaped hole (tho ik that will be addressed in v6.1) as well as the main hangout's secret 4th 2d area enemy utterly bypassing any invulnerability you have active and the map acting like you noclipped even if you used perfectly legit means to try and get over the fence (such as flying over it with Burning Blaze)
Dylan Sahr
Dylan Sahr
Hello, thank you for the review! Yes, the star-shaped hole will be addressed in v6.1. What 4th 2d area enemy are you talking about? Also, which fence are you referring to? I’m thinking of the one that leads to the portal. If so, that was a mistake on my part. I forgot to add a barrier to prevent people from just hopping over the fence.
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Originally, I had played this and disliked it for being confusing, but ever since I finished the main playthrough with Takis I actually kind of like what it's going for. The quieter parts, as said by Rufel34, are generally really unnerving compared to the rest, though you can get spooked by the Tails Doll hall later in the game. I still don't like that you can't get out of the star-shaped hole, but other than that, I'm interested.
Dylan Sahr
Dylan Sahr
The star-shaped hole is something I tried to change a while back. You were able to escape, but for whatever reason, I removed the escape. I'll readd an escape option in V6.1. Thank you for your feedback!
Upvote 0
My son and I really enjoy TDF! Super look forward to the changes and thank you for making such and awesome map with TD its my sons favorite
Upvote 1
its a neat little thing to kill time if you like sonic and horror games but i do have some gripes (its not about the lighting) 1. The game is even close to survival horror its just annoying to get pushed around the stage like a pinball. 2. its like those "horror" games that make it so there is no way to defend yourself like the re ( resident evil)games because that's the point of survival horror and not brute forcing you way through hoping you have enough rings to get an hole. anyway i hope it gets fixed and its always in a blue moon you get to see a map pack like this. its a nice idea and i would like to see how this would change
Upvote 0
When I downloaded this silly little horror map for a Sonic fan game, I was expecting a cheesy jumpscare-fest .exe game. I was NOT, however, expecting the quieter parts to have me so genuinely unnerved, that I was checking my corners before I went around them. My only gripes are that the dolls are a little annoying once the spook factor wears off, because there's just so DAMN MANY OF THEM. I also would like if the checkpoints had 10 rings around them in act 2, because the post-game emerald hunt is a little hard when you get one-shot by everything as punishment for misstepping and falling into the acid. I also was not expecting a Metal race at the end, nor was I expecting the end to be so abrupt.
Dylan Sahr
Dylan Sahr
Duly noted! I will add respawn ring monitors so people can get the appropriate amount of rings they desire.
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scary but not scary
Upvote 0
It's The Best Map In The World I Want More Horror Maps I Love Part 1 and 2
Upvote 0
Absolutely amazing, you literally put this on my birthday thank you 🧡 also FINALLY we spawn at the campsite! been a while i thought after we go to the campsite some mysterious creature puts you there in the forest, anyway thank you again!
Upvote 0
The Addon seems to be pretty awesome but the sad thing is that i can't get thru Act 2.
Upvote 0
If I'm being honest I LOVE how how it got a huge improvement. You can actually move freely instead of hitting walls every second. Also the fact it's not really dark anymore and while I did love when it was dark I did want to know where I was going. It added more things other than it being a lot bigger, I love this addon!!
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