1.09.4 Light Dash port

[Open Assets] 1.09.4 Light Dash port v1.1

Finally, after nearly 3 years of anticipation, the v1.1 update is finally here!

This update has fixed the dreaded performance issues which plagued the original, by utilizing advanced searchBlockmap(TM) technology rather than iterating through every object in the map every tic just to find one ring.

Additionally, it has also fixed various bugs! The unused timer has been restored, so you can no longer get softlocked by getting stuck in something. The ability can no longer be triggered in various circumstances where you shouldn't, for example while riding a minecart. And many more!

Finally, some handy variables have been added to allow modders to change various properties of the Light Dash, like setting a skin, remapping the button, and changing the speed and search radius.

...yeah this update was long overdue but whatever better late than never lol