your first 100%


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First 100% was either Spongebob BFBB or NSMB Wii. Can't exactly remember, but it was either one of those two games.


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ooh! my firzt 100% waz onezhot (pc)! i zhould replay it zometime.. i mizz it <:"]
(my 2nd 100% waz ztarbound, but i cheated an achievement in becauze it waz inzanely difficult </3)
Not really 100% but i have all steam achievements in celeste and a couple of goldens that are the bane of me (FWGFWGFWGFWGFWGFWGFWG)


or Clutsi
we're talking about 2007-2009 and considering i was born on mid-2004 it's a hard question, i'm guessing it was either a NES game or a Mario fangame

if not then it's highly possible it was Commander Keen: Marooned In Mars!, i remember being pretty consistent at that first game unlike the next ones that had some stuff that even today i struggle to complete
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