Worst Pre-Metropolis Sonic 2 Zone?


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When this question is asked normally it's usually Metropolis or Sky Chase. So decided to up the Ante! Personally I think Emerald Hill, it's a first zone, but honestly the weakest first zone of the quadrilogy. It's by no mean a bad zone at all, but it's just everything else I enjoy more (Even Oil Ocean and Aquatic Ruin, which i'll defend to my grave)


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I'd say casino night, when i first played the game itself. Well, a mobile remaster. I couldn't beat Eggman in this zone
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Oh and not to get me started, Mystic Cave is also the worst
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Chemical Plant Zone definitely has the worst difficulty scaling. As for least favorite... Probably Oil Ocean. It's not even bad honestly, I just find its level design kind of boring.


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Chemical Plant because I have only gotten past it in Mania with cheats. Still haven't beat Sonic 2 because of it.


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never really liked mystic cave, design is kinda ugly looking and has a few cheap spots where you can get insta killed


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Hilltop. It just feels bland, and the tiles are just... blue Emerald Hill. I think it's the most forgettable of the game. Combining three things at once seems... interesting, but I think it's just executed poorly in Hilltop.

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I'll probably get crucified for saying it, but Emerald Hill Zone. I do prefer the visuals and level design over Green Hill from the previous game, but the music is ear grating to me. Pair that with it being the first thing you hear at the start of every playthrough, and you end up with a stage I can hardly wait to leave behind me every time.

Music aside though, I'd probably go with Oil Ocean Zone. It's a pain to navigate through. It's better IMO than the one in Mania at least, but I still just don't really like it.


honestly, a lot of the endgame overall is kind of forgettable for me. Mystic cave was the last zone i really liked. Oil ocean is legitimately a slog for me, it's designed like a regular platformer level when it's in a sonic game. not fun at all frankly


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Aquatic ruin, its the most forgettable for me proir to Metropolis.

Post Metropolis, its Oil Ocean due to it being confusing to navigate.


Probably Oil Ocean. It has an interesting theme but the level design is pretty weak and samey all throughout. Those octopus badniks can be pretty annoying as well.


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reminder that you can literally find Hidden Palace through Mystic Cave, you don't have to hate it if you don't want to (i still respect your opinion tho)
that's mobile port only,

the pit that leads to it in other versions of the game is the infamous inescapable spike pit

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