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WIP: The Ghoul's Forest 3 - SRB2 Edition (Looking for coders)

Slowly chipping away progress at porting the main map. I was inspired to make this considering my first horror game experience was that old port of Ghoul 2 by Nev3r back for 1.09. I'm not exactly the best coder, and I had to compromise making new object entities for the decorations and just reskinning existing ones from the vanilla game. (not that it matters much) I imagine with the power of LUA, porting the Ghouls should be easier than before. Heck, I was heavily impressed by that one extensive Purple Heart boss fight in SUGOI for 2.1.

The only real hassle I'm having with porting the map over is the fact that I have to reassign every once-sloped linedef for the GZDoom format to SRB2's through SLADE. It's time consuming, but I've made a fair bit of progress fixing most of the trees.


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