Why were these Levels sections removed in the 2.2?

Deep Sea, Castle Eggman, Arid Canyon, and Red Volcano were all completely remade because the previous versions lacked quality. The community agreed they needed to be overhauled. In fact, CEZ had already been remade for 2.0, but needed another remake.

Egg Rock was infamous in 2.0 for being a massive difficulty spike. The sections in question were removed to make the level shorter and a little easier. There were also too many gimmicks, and many of them weren’t used well. Egg Rock itself is planned to get a remake for 2.3.
honestly, i feel like they could've left the start part of both egg rock 1 (pre-2.0 with the enemy museum) and castle eggman 2 (the statues and stairs but just remove the stairs) as it was.
I mean yea, it's better because of the LEVEL difficultly, NOT controls, I said NOTHING about the controls, only about the 2.0 Level difficulty, I have the right to say it easy because it is and it doesn't matter if I can beat the original if I can it on a different version that have better controls
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I'm curious where you got the 2.0 level pack for 2.2 from.
I don't think I can say where to find it here
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