What's up with your signature?

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Don't ping me on discord just to say "bababooi"
oh look another edit

Wuh oh looks like I did it again

Alright so I wanted to add a link to a contest post I made on the SRB2 skybase chaos forum but I reached the 400 character limit so I unfortunately had to remove the reference too my YouTube channel so DK no more

Basic Bronze Sonic

Don't ping me on discord just to say "bababooi"
Wow another edit

Alright so I replaced my skybase account link for a link to a story forum thread that's all about purple the hedgehog so go check it out too make it as civil or crazy as y'all want.
nothing else so thanks for reading.


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At some point years ago then-teenage me tried to low key break every rule with the signature. Ha ha ha, swear words, ha ha ha. What a comedian I felt like. What I have now was just a quick replacement for that edginess, that I've kept since.


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i got my signature because i got a chaacter called dr.enzo.ivo wich i only use in rp and that i will make it a real character only when i learn lua
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(i really like changing my signature)

Basically ... I found out that Silver's voice actor is the same as Nagito Komaeda's, so ... why not make a reference to both sagas?

I love changing my pfp, and too my signature...
Now it's based on the character Kokichi Ouma, that lies almost everytime, so... why not add an little reference to this?
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Guess i changed my signature, basically i see some users that makes questions and also in the same post is the answer... but some pages backwards...

The idea for the "Fail" stuff was already made by CST1229 in his/her signature, which inspiration came from Henry Stickmin; the message below speaks about Minecraft, where the diamonds (knowledge, like i assume this) sometimes are hard to find in a cave (the internet or even the post itself in this case). And we know already that is a very valuable source that we can't just ignore it.

Sometimes we found the answers if we search well, and we can avoid to... flood (i think?) the pages of a post.


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My signature is a catchphrase that originated from the song "Public Enemy No. 1".
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i wont be online again until 8/6/22
other than my PM me for models thing, my signature came from an interaction i had with somebody on some server. think it was a vanilla server. just double clarification, dumbhead was the actual name of the dude.

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Don't ping me on discord just to say "bababooi"
Guess who edited their signature again, me. I replaced my gamebanana link to my own website link because gamebanana is kinda boring for me and I replaced my skybase story thread link with a link to my discord server's permanent invite because I wanted to run a discord for once... but there's a twist, I don't know how to run a discord so yes I try to be professional but I don't know what I'm doing.
Of course my discord does have some bots but it still doesn't change the fact that I'm not a professional discord server manager so go check out how much of a mess it is if you want to.

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Don't ping me on discord just to say "bababooi"
I added a reference to a post made by MajitaThe245th#0999 on #bots in the srb2 discord server and here's a screenshot of it.


In which yes this really happened so expect that for the new challenger for Super Smash Bros Ultimate.

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