What's up with your signature?

How did you get your signature? I got mine because sigs r 4 gayyyys

(Gay rights tho)
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yes yes hello
You see, I will be changing my signature monthly, and (if i feel like it) my profile pic yearly. There are just so many cool possibilities I can't really settle on one.


Hybrid Kart Mapper/Porter
My signature (which hasn't been properly updated in about 2 years) features a link to a GIF of when I has helping out with the Mania-style Special Stages


My signature dates back to 2.0.x times, and I've never changed it ever since.
Don't know if anyone remembers it, but there was a player namely hms*miles*egg who liked going around taking others' names and pretend to be them. Me and Aries decided to joke with him by changing to his exact name!! (2.0 allowed that on Windows XP)
Those were fun times, I'm still bummed that this ability (you can call it a bug, I don't care) got removed. S=


Circuit Enthusiast
My signature used to be just a funny quote from a round of circuit in 2.1. I then later updated it to include some info about where you can find me on other places and to preach about our one true lord and saviour.


Phantasy Savior
Mine was made because I didn't know what to put so I just put something I've done recently.


Resident Pérmanoob
Goes along with my user title, since the community used to hate noobs, and I found the game during the 3 year long 1.09.4 era.

Alphy Royal

My signature is a small joke involving some netcode trouble; the best part about this is that it can apply on both kart and SRB2.

Just Silus!

Either doing nothing or watching you sleep.
I was bored, so i don't know what signature would be perfect, so i just put this one, maybe i would change it to another signature who can be even better than this...


WR 102
Just some ASCII art that I found online. I thought it was adorable and it fit within the constraints of the signature limit.


I got my signature during my SM64 tour. During playing SM64, I thought setting yahoo as my signature, so I did it.

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