What was your first introduction to srb2?


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Just a curious question, but what was your first introduction to srb2? For me, I found srb2 when I saw a video (don't remember which though) playing the game, after that I was obsessed with the game.
when I was young, I saw a video that I can barely remember but I know is SRB2, when I got older, I saw the DeltaChars mod for SRB2, but at that time, I didn't have a computer to play it, later on when I got a pc, I remembered srb2 and decided to look at it, and the rest was history.
I don’t remember well and don’t know how, but this game fell into my hands in 2012 (I was 12 then) and all I remember is that I really didn’t like this game. the sounds and textures were terrible for me and I remember how I could not pass RVZ. I played a little and abandoned it and never returned to srb2... until in 2019 news about 2.2 appeared on one website. so yeah, hi, I'm a little late to the party but I'm still here!
i found out srb2 on a top 10 sonic fan games video in 2021 and i just love on how this fan game has turned ever since 1998 btw i only made a acc on the forums untill 2023
Well, my first introduction to SRB2 was an random playthrough of 2.1 during the 2011s or 2012, back then it didn't interest me enough because it looked boring, so I move on with my life until later on, when I saw a 2.2 preview and it actually looks interesting this time, so play it, look into it's history and now, I'm sick of this game lmao
By finding it on YouTube...I wasn't interested at first but as I realized there where mods in the game I literally did NOT hesitate to get them
I think my first exposure to the game was around 2014 with 2.1. From there, I became enamored with the thing and would spend hours playing it and using mods. Since at the time there wasn't a proper add-ons menu yet, I remember having my desk full of sticky notes with the mod filenames written on them so I knew what to type in. Makes you really appreciate how much has been updated since then; even a simple add-ons menu feels like a blessing when looking back.
a while back i saw this video called "Can You Beat SRB2 Without Defeating A Badnick" by Gotta Be Frank and that's how i learned about this game. (I joined around the release of 2.2.13)
I don't remember, but I did start to play it in I think 2021? I don't really remember, but I did try to beat the game until I gave up and decided to just get a save file, lol.
I remember this very vaguely, but I think I started out the same as you. I remember watching videos of what I found out much later were of some version of 2.0, and I remember thinking that the game looked very cool. I actually started playing some time in 2017 or 2018 in 2.1.20—I forgot exactly when or even how I actually managed to find srb2.org(since i dont remember the videos having links to the site)—and I have been playing somewhat consistently since. It's a very fun game!
As for me, back in 2007 to 2008, I saw some videos of people playing Sonic Robo Blast 2 on YouTube and I thought to myself "This game looks so much fun! I have to try it out!"

Sure enough, in early 2008, I downloaded Sonic Robo Blast 2 and it is, without a doubt, one of the best Sonic fangames I have ever played. As an aside: Just last year, I learned that I have been playing SRB2 for fifteen years new.
I found v2.0 on a brazilian site called Baixaki around 2008-2009, played it for a bit, couldn't figure how to jump, quit it, came back to it like a year later, and the rest is history.
Ah man... i remember searching for Sonic fangames in the begining of 2015, because i wanted more sonic games to play, and yeah i was bored too lolol
As i was searching and testing fangames or playing till' i find out it is in a demo; from a page, called "Softonic", my eye catched something that it got my interested: a game called "Sonic Robo Blast 2".
So i entered and i saw the screenshots: a 3D Fangame Sonic??? "I hope it isn't abandoned..." said myself.
Without no more doubts, i installed the game.
I played it and i finished the main game with all emeralds; but turns out it was playing an old version of 2.1; because as i entered in the multiplayer mode: the game said i need to update the game, and i was like: "Wait what? No way!"
I was dead incorrect, man.
The game was still updating; plus i found i can add mods too!
Soooo yeah! I got into the online server and the rest is history of how i learned english more XD
I think I discovered SRB2 in 2020 in a Youtube video. It wasn't until last year when I got my laptop that I actually started playing.
From what I remember, I discovered SRB2 sometime in late 2018 through a Tails Doll Forest mod video (i even thought it was in vanilla). After that, I also started watching some pre-v2.1 videos. Then I started playing SRB2 only in singleplayer as I didn't know how to play on servers (I kept playing on an outdated version of v2.1, most likely). All I did was messing around with mods without actually completing the SP campaign until July 2019 when I finally downloaded an up-to-date version, and thus I started playing multiplayer.
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