what sonic character do you hate


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Well, what sonic character do you hate? Well, I would say Tails (Sonic Forces Version). He was before a brave fox in his modern debut in SA1, until in sonic forces. He started to be a scary fox at when classic sonic save tails from chaos, cause if tails just knock chaos out in a battle. That wouldn't have been the right thing tails do, But SEGA had to SPLAT that out in it for a reason. That's why I hate a version of tails in sonic forces.


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(I'm not even a sonic fan anymore but) Seira from sonic OVA, she's annoying spoiled brat. if i see her in any sonic media, imma go
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Or knuckles during sonic forces in general, he went from badass to a complete moron
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Im dont like SUPREME and THE END (Sonic Frontiers) (is so hard ti kill im) And Knuckles (stoled chaos emerald in sonic 3 or sonic 3 A.I.R


yeah you could argue that elise's very existence is in of itself damaging to sonic's brand ("MEMBER WHEN SANIC KISSED HUMAN GIRL?!" ad infinitum). and i personally just don't think sonic gains anything from having a video gamey princess love interest character (at least not for sonic himself) so i don't think she's even salvageable unlike cases like merlinda or infinite. it's gotta be her. orbot and cubot are my personal second picks since they seem to only exist to stretch out the tired ass ironic cutscene banter of the 2010s era. the sinister six are painfully generic but at least they're not annoying, i guess. they do however represent creative bankruptcy MUCH better than elise or the butler bots do in that they're all literally just walking one-notes. at least the internet lets me forget about most of them but oh no not bootleg veggietales jessica rabbit she's just so sexy :roll: zeena gets third place i guess. she's like rouge if invented by a bird.
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