What country are you guys from?


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Guess that some venezuelans are here! I'm also venezuelan in the north of the country (not caribbean islands)


Probably dead.
V e n e z u e l a

i won't especify ncklndsñklregvfldjkfd (i have noticed i already said something here ._.XD)
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The topic title practically says it all so I don´t think I will need to make my oversized first post on my topics, so now just post your country, and if you want, post an image of your contry.

I´m from Venezuela (South America), yay!


WHAT, Im from Venezuela too, WTF???

Hola chamo jajaja, no me crei encontrar a otra persona venezolana aca, que chevere, vivan las arepas y nuestra economia echa mierda, ojala se arregle esta huevonada y podamos ser felices, he estado jugando srb2 desde una canaima y tambien mi mod de among us que cree


Not what you would expect..
I'm from Finland. (I guess that didn't come out as a suprise...) People think that in Finland we have ice bears. Nope we don't have any of them, but we have seals! (I mean they're cute, right?)

An example of Finnish language:

Uskon, että kaikki te tämän tekstin lukijat olette käyttäneet Google kääntäjää.

..Oh, right I almost forgot to tell you Finland exists. See?


Whoops wrong one.

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or Clutsi
the only SRB2 player from Guatemala i guess


i'm hungry. (this is a joke, don't take it seriously lol)

sáquenme de latinoaméricaAAAA momento

i'm from Guatemala by the way, the country where Tikal comes from; if i ever get to find someone here who plays or played Sonic Robo Blast 2 besides me, my life will be done

así que aparezca alguien por favor me siento solo :'c
---ok i'll stop the spanish jokes lol
i might move to Mexico on some years though, depending on how my life goes

...and yeah, Mexico is below USA, and Guatemala is located below Mexico on the map; i guess that's the easiest way to tell where is it located


When the imposter SUS
I am Polish proof? Pierdolcie się chuje

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Pierdolić was mam tego dosyć do widzenia. O kurwa! Chuj! Those are like only swear words in Polish put this in translator to polish section to your country section and u see

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