What country are you guys from?


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England. Lovely and wet.

Man, I want to see what's in America not through some guys camera...


Born in Ontario, Canada.
Raised in Ontario, Canada.
Still living in Ontario, Canada.
Currently in Sarasota, Florida.

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Wales, UK.

I think me and my brother, Aled the Hedgehog, are probably the only users from Wales in the whole of the SRB2MB community... right?

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no more basic now only meme
Wow talk about my first bump (sorry about that)

I was born in America (but I forgot the specifics of where in America) but believe it or not I actually live in Hawaii and I live in the big island (which is why my posting times are inconsistent because it rains here like twenty four seven and it rains lions and wolf's here because Hawaii is in the middle of the darn ocean).


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I live in the U.S.A. Being specific to where I exactly live, I used to live in Queens, New York, but then moved to Jacksonville, Florida.

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