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Well, I think this is fairly obvious if you're reading this, but we have FINALLY gotten rid of PHPBB2. Thank Logan for his generosity in actually paying for this software, as it's not cheap and thank Cue for slaving over the server during the downtime getting this up and running.

While we're going to have a transition period where everything's going to be weird, please bear with us as this will eventually lead to a vastly improved forum for the long-term.


Yeah, you'd better like it, 6 hours of work this took, non-stop. :(


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This seems like quite an improvement. The only thing I am sad about is that usertitles are gone. I also just noticed that Smilies are on......... No I am not gonna do one so stop looking.

I am slightly confused at how to do things like profile editing and some of the other things that were here before.
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It's... not bad actually.
Matter of fact, I'm starting to like it. Although It will feel different then before, but I can work with this. Nice job Cue.


The ocean skin makes this look alot better although it should be the default skin instead of the vBulletin. GJ


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Specifically, what can we do with vBulletin that we couldn't do with the old thing?


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I'm fine with the move to vBulletin, as we were stuck with PHPBB2 for the last six years, and this seems to be an acceptable choice.

Nice work, Admins.


I'm fine with this except for the problem if you go directly back to the index or use the back button while reading a topic, that topic shows up as unread.

Which really sucks balls. :<


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Specifically, what can we do with vBulletin that we couldn't do with the old thing?
We have a much, much improved warnings/infractions system that is actually built-in, runs at the post level and allows for undoing of warnings/infractions. Basically, the warning system is streamlined, more reliable, and fairer to users. It's far superior to the hacked mess that was on our old board.

Quick Reply is available in vBulletin, which is very, very useful.

The members list is now way easier to browse through, since you can simply filter by letter.

Improved administrative features allow us to better protect the board without ugly hacks.

In short, what isn't to like about vBulletin compared to phpBB2? Heck, there are even nice touches like the full WYSIWYG editor. It's about time we got off that decrepit piece of junk and moved to real forum software.
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