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Kwiin submitted a new resource:

Improper Technique Zone - A CSCS Production - A 5 Day NO GRID Mapping Challenge Collaboration.

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Another mapping collab! I reached out to many people asking to make a short map in 5 days. The goal was to make one massive zone. But I threw a twist into it, a challenge to the maps being made..

The rules were that you had to turn off SNAP TO GRID.

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And Turn off Render Grid
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For people not well versed with SRB2 or Doom Mapping, this is the equivalent...

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Not Deadn't
Hehe, funni Dead with Flower PFP does feedback, here we go!
Also, I played your collab twice, first as Sonic then as Amy last.

I was astonished how this turned out, it's properly crafted and has a very good flow of level design, I tend to stop here and there to watch some set pieces you've made, all and all, I enjoyed it.
  • I had fun exploring but disappointed that most of the section that could be a secret has nothing at all.
  • Very well-placed badniks, appreciate you didn't spam'em, but lacking in rings I guess, though did pretty well on making those rings as indicator for main paths.
  • Interesting yet concerning skybox, saw a midtexture "bush"? being directly under a mountain, though not a big deal I guess.
  • Some flats could use some Flat Alignment, like those woods with Yellow Springs.
  • I'd say it would be better if you put those Yellow Springs that has 5 Vertical Rings on it to be close to a wall, consistent playthroughs made me miss 4 rings, though not a big deal.
Well hello Kanna, I've got to say, ya really did different on this one, though I'm really impressed what you did with the Blue Springs idea, I am glad that you did the Golden Rule of Gimmicks, "Teach the players in the safe area then challenge 'em next with the same gimmick", you also did pretty well on texturing for variety as well, I am also excited you have Emblems for me to search though I got them all easily anyway, hope I'll be seeing from you more though
  • Placeholder text Emblems Eksdee
  • Jumping into water just for it to hit Blue Springs required a trained eye to spot 'em, though if you could make the water more transparent however...
  • Whirlwind Shield at a start (Not hidden pretty well or pretty much less challenging), though I shouldn't be complaining, still...
  • You have some sections that have some tight jumps (Slope Jumps after the First Starpost, that one Blue Spring Jump if you fell to the water), though they don't directly bring you to death, not a big deal I guess...
  • Too many Air Bubbles in one small water section? Do appreciate the amount but can you keep it less, like 3 to 6?
  • Some checkpoints, when you respawned, you'll be engaged with either Green Snapper or Robo-hood or both immediately (Which both would damage you), avoid doing this.
  • You have some rings that don't have Float Flag on, saw some after the Second Starpost
  • Don't quite get what's the Attraction Shield suppose to give you near the First Starpost, there's not alot rings to come by and the next section requires you to get wet unless you know other tight ways.
  • Oddly enough, there's this one section with water in it that's a Softlock, It's actually after getting the Attraction Shield and near the Second Starpost, dropping yourself into the water having no way to escape if you're Sonic or Amy and no air bubbles present.
Short yet fun, you got the design just right though I had to admit It's rather dark in the first part, but I like how you did with the Acid, gave 'em shine seeing how radioactive it is, though being Anthropomorphic Animal isn't all that dangerous yeah?
  • Some Textures being misaligned, though not that big of a deal.
  • There are some sections where I can't even tell if the water is safe to land into or not, this is probably because of the Colormap, might want to look at it.
  • Softlock near the end of the stage, you can't jump out as Sonic in the Safe Looking Acid Waters.
  • Noticed that some badniks are facing the wrong direction, check those Blue Crawlas at the start.
Well, this is an interesting stage, a sector art of Balrog, though there's not much to say however...
  • It would've been nicer if the gameplay did not consist of repeated jumps of the same pattern, though I like the idea and the sector art.
Ah, Hill Top, never played the mainline games though, but I don't think this is how Hill Top looks like from the videos I watched, eh, you did good with it, but I'll just put some of my sayings here...
  • Props for being a huge map, but unfortunately, It's so huge that it feels so empty, I know you have these trees, bridges, lava, and such, but the problem lies how bland and flat you're doing this approach.
  • There's seems to be a good amount of rings that don't have the Float Flag on, might want to look at those.
  • The textures you're using causes this weird distortion, dithering, or whatever it is called (I simply forgot the name of it, maybe I am correct? I dunno lol), atleast in my eyes they're a bit okay to look at, but still...
  • The lava are totally harmless when you're touching its walls, though very harmful with Fire Damage when ontop of it, I guess you're not using a Water FOF with Fire Damage are you?
  • You have a section that would ultimately softlock you 'till you're dead, It's from the left most path after you took the Fire Elemental Shield in which I should mention that also would rendered 30% of the stage harmless.
Honestly, I've never made reviews on one of your map creations before, though I am impressed how wacky you've made in the past, but for this current work of yours, it hits different, I do love the level flow at least, It's pretty good and basic if anything.
  • Hard to see what's in the water with it being hardly transparent, playing in Software Mode, dunno if OpenGL has better transparency, or maybe It's totally opaque? Did have a hard time to get out in the water near the final section of your map.
  • I have mixed feelings with the way you did Thok Barriers (No flats visible in Thok Barrier or walls), or probably this is your way of doing things, wacky.
Another amazing level I've played, you did tremendous with the level theme, sector decorations, texturing, and other decorative things you did, level flow just feels right and multiple paths I took has the same timestamp from start 'till end, you also did a fine job with the Emblems, I just can't help myself to explore really.
  • No hint available for this emblem eksdee
  • Eggman Golden Monitor's Advocate indeed.
  • Seriously you're evil with those Eggman Monitors.
  • Though just a nitpick for myself being uncomfortable, Slope Tight Jumps, you could try make the sectors both lower (Landing) or higher (Starting Jump).
Whoa, what did ya do with your stage? You've managed to captured the chaos and pictured it into ZB, I am honestly amazed with the whole slope thing everywhere, can't tear my eyes off of everywhere I see of what you did on each section of yours really, I also had a hard time looking those Emblems, maybe there are some of them only to acquired as other characters? I only played as Sonic and Amy after all.
  • Uhh, nice Emblem Hints
  • You have some rings that don't have Float Flag on, but, I don't know if this is intentional or not, due to the state of the map being ruinous and all, eh.
  • That one final section where Non-Spin characters might get stuck, especially Amy, dunno about Fang though, or maybe I am dumb enough to go back up as Amy.
Well, It's been awhile, I was kinda surprised you came back and made this map for this collab, played it and love it of what you did with that particular gimmick with the candles,, though I have a bit of mixed feelings with the darker section of your stage however.
  • If you could make those floating candles with Dust Devils spin with Custom Chain Parameters, that's an idea.
  • Though I find it strange that, darker areas have torches with them, the place itself isn't that brightly lit, It's probably your stage's gimmick, it was interesting.
It may have trees but It's less tumbling the way I see it (hurr), your stage looks pretty good, I had a nice time looking around, finding emblems by accident most of the time, which in particular only has two :P
  • Found both of your secret rather quickly, epic, but I do wish you would put more effort in difficulty on getting those.
Another map that I've gotten myself to be blown at, the set pieces you've done is very memorable in which you used DSZ textures caught me, gimmicks that are very challenging, and a good use of said gimmicks to get into secrets and especially emblems (Yeah, I got them all), I really, really, really like what you did with the Engineer Gaming Emblem, It's the most memorable part for me in this Collab, it was surely amazing, would like to see more types of Emblem like those in future from you.
  • You and your Golden Eggman Monitor, though I vouch for Garrean for being the most evil however.
  • Did you just, block a possible path with an Impassable Flag? Oh you evil you, can't ya just block it off with something else besides an invisible wall, like utilizing those Deep Sea pillars or something?
This is a whole lot of mess you've gotten yourself into (Pun intended) though, ignoring the joke of that horrid cutscene I had to watch, the map was interesting since the gimmick is everything mighty hell slippery, and dare I say I had the most fun ever with this gimmick, it just works with the level design you've put into, though I heard Kwiin had some alterations in it so I don't know what exactly.
  • I shall complain with the invisible wall near the start to the end sign directly, just kidding, I like the premise of this level design idea.
  • I hope the multiple Star Posts is part of your joke.
  • Also, what's with the fast cut from the "Panic" re.....
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Kwiin updated Improper Technique Zone - A CSCS Production with a new update entry:

beep boop its are v1.3

-Temporarily renamed Aggressive Diarrhea into Tonal Whiplash.
-Removed the cutscene leading into Tonal Whiplash, it was out of place and a bit too crude. Sorry if it made anybody uncomfortable.

-Magma Mesa can now be accessed from Level Select, oops.
-Grid Apocalypse and Tonal Whiplash now have Level Select pictures.
-Level design updates in Tonal Whiplash

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I have removed the files of the previous versions. We would prefer not to host the files containing the removed cutscene here.


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Ah, crud. I got here late enough that I missed out on the cutscene. I wasn't paying much attention to it during the podcast since I figured I'd be able to enjoy it today in-game anyway, now all I'll ever know about it is "brap brap braaaaaaapppp" :dramahog:


A dragon
This is known, although I have no clue how to fix it.
This is what the RPT pooped out, perhaps this might be a clue?

Error occurred on Sunday, March 21, 2021 at 11:27:44.

srb2win.exe caused an Access Violation at location FF743DC7 Reading from location FF743DC7.

eax=0c8f5a48 ebx=00000102 ecx=000005dc edx=059e1c20 esi=1e698a28 edi=00000bb8
eip=ff743dc7 esp=0654f8fc ebp=048b73a0 iopl=0         nv up ei pl zr na po nc
cs=0023  ss=002b  ds=002b  es=002b  fs=0053  gs=002b             efl=00210246

AddrPC   Params
FF743DC7 00000DE1 00000102 091666B0
0058B572 00000000 00000000 000005DC  srb2win.exe!UpdateTexture@4
772D8786 066E0000 00000000 00000102  ntdll.dll!RtlFreeHeap
757D7379 1E698A28 0490F70D 0654FFCC  msvcrt.dll!free
0058BC45 1E698A28 0D02A028 0044AA20  srb2win.exe!SetTexture@4
005A5D5B 0654FA84 0654FAA0 00000004  srb2win.exe!HWR_GetLevelFlat
0059ABEC 00000000 00000000 00000000  srb2win.exe!HWR_ProcessSeg

Ace Dragon

Some original ideas here, it is nice you have infinite lives (as at least one level has a very difficult jumping sequence). When I got to Tonal Whiplash, I thought it was screwing with the controls at first (it didn't, it just screwed around with a couple of environmental variables).

Though you might want to make the last cutscene skippable because of the last word that gets printed. Otherwise it is a pretty good effort for 5 days.


Tonal Whiplash is pretty much unplayable and i dont feel like switching to software just to be able to play it

(also wtf were you thinking with that last part of Act 10, my god)


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Tried playing with Momentum and Junio, and Act 12…
Let's just say that I should have used Uncapped. Also why doers ice physics apply for the whole stage?


I think I found a glitch in...I forgot which act it was, but it was one of the earlier ones. Just letting you know.

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