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Updating Sasuke from Ganbare Goemon (Nitro Wave character pack)


Hi, I am Nill, i created my account 2 days ago, then, I am a novice in this forum, me and my friends we are making a pack, at the moment it is called: Liv & Tom Pack, but, in the future, will be renamed as: Nitro Wave characters pack.

=What is Nitro Wave?=

Its a team made by 3 friends, Liv: programmer (he fixes the colors and sounds too) Nill: artist and I made the sprites, Hoofz: sound ripper.

=What's new?=

The Sasuke sprites will be updated, check out the comparison below old and new sprites





-Characters of Wave 1: Sasuke from: ganbare goemon, Yae from: ganbare goemon and oolong from: dragon ball

Basically its want to say.

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