[Reusable] [UPDATE AS OF 21/12/2013] All-New 2-Style SA2B Sonic!

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He's finally back, and ready for action!
The MD2 values are in the zip file via the attachment, it's just the normal "PLAY PLAY.MD2 3.0 0.0" value.
Put the MD2.DAT in your SRB2 folder, and the "PLAY.PNG" and "PLAY.MD2" files go into the MD2 folder which you should make inside your SRB2 folder.
I hope you guys enjoy this, it took me some time to revive and keep the animations true to SA2/SA2B.
EDIT: Now it's time for the newest version! It's animations are now fixed to look better! Download it in the attachment!
UPDATE AS OF 21/12/2013
Some animations have major changes, others have minor changes.
No more waddling for the walk animation!
New animations added as second "style" just in case someone prefers the old one. Sa2SonicDiffAnims.rar is the new one in this update.


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While I find many of the animations to look quite silly, such as the waddling forward run, this is fine to be released.

However, when you can, take the instructions on how to use the MD2 out of the attachment link and put them into the description instead. It's not serious enough to keep me from releasing this model, but it's just dumb.


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I might be able to make a mechless Tails, but I don't really use Tails much, so I don't know if I'll be interested in making that.


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EDIT: The link in this update that I posted in this post was deleted, so I'm going to edit it out of this post and the main post.
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NEW update!
Animations have been fixed! Or, at least, kinda fixed...
Now Sonic can make things look more like SA2B! Well, not exactly, but you get the point. His walking animations are changed to try to look less silly, and the running animations are also changed. There are also minor animation changes in the other animations.


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NEW UPDATE AS OF 21/12/2013!
Some animations have major changes, some have minor changes.
No more waddling penguin-like Sonic!
Added new animations as a second "style" just in case anybody prefers the old one instead.
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