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Topic title´s "Unusual" not to say "Creepy" as some people may thing they are creepy and some not, well, this topic is to discuss and post some videos/images that are floating around, here are some of the most interesting I found:

Youtube Username 666:
There is a controversial video on Youtube wich has is part fiction and part real, the video is about a Japanese guy who typed www.youtube.com/666 , 666 was an user that had been banned due to satanic and gory content on Youtube, so it said "This Account is Suspended" the guy kept pressing the "Refresh" button, and the page kept loading until it glitched and he was able to enter his profile, in wich he clicked videos until an error screen popped up, he clicked it, and the video started playing, he tried exiting it due to the WTFness of it, but he coudn´t, tried all the combinations and nothing worked, until the video ended, killing the PC.

All this is recorded, but I consider the video itself is fake, oh my, what a casualty, the guy was Japanese, the country with the most talented video artists and quality systems. What a coincidence! *Sarcasm*

Suicide Mouse:
Greg the Cat could be interested on this, as it is slightly similar to Epic Mickey´s concept art.

There is this video known as "Suicide Mouse", wich is suppousedly from 1930, just about a looping clip of Mickey walking on a street with buildings at the back, as the backstory says, someone (wich I forgot his name) was doing a video compilation of Mickey and planned to add a "Bonus Material" section, so he stared gathering material on Disney´s mouse, until someone sold him a tape that had been trashed from the oficial studios in 1930, he watched it and noticed it cutted off after 2 minutes, he digitalized the tape and noticed the total running time was actually 9:04 minutes, he started watching it, but he had important stuff to do, so he left his assistent watching the rest of the film, after the 9 minutes passed, the guy was pale, and repeated "You don´t know what true pain is" several times before grabbing a guard´s gun and commiting suicide.

Months later, a hacker entered the video owner´s PC trough the net, stole and uploaded the video, wich I saw, and I´m pretty sure the begginning is official, but the rest is fake, just like the backstory on it.

The "King" of video game mysteries, Polybius, the greatest enigma in video game history, the only legend I have come to believe, trough different interpretations, here´s the story.

Durint 1981, the Arcade machines were on rise, so one day in Texas, 5 Arcade machines were distributed on the region, their name, Polibius, their popularity quickly grew up due to the colored designs of the game, altrough here, things start to go bad, the company that developed the game was one nobody had heard of ever before, called "Sinnesloschen" wich suppousedly means "Senses Loss" in German (Spirit Crusher a little help, please?), also after a few days, people started getting addicted to the game, but suddenly, they started having nightmares, and then suffered of a severe amnesia, also, by the time the Arcade closed everyday, 2 men entered inside and said to "Check the Highest Scores", but people said that what they read on the screen were not scores, but mental issues, like "Insomnia, Hipersomnia, Night Terrors" and so on.

This game´s popularity kept growing up, until one day a kid suffered a heart attack while playing and died, for the next day, all Polybius machines had been wiped off the Arcades and it was never heard of it for 2 decades, until appearently, the game was re-released for PC by the same company, and is downloadable, some say it is different to the ones they remember having played, altrough with nowdays slow-ass PC graphic cards, we can clearly see subliminal messages suddenly flashing on the screen, aswell as faces and reversed voices.

Story Videos:
Username 666: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7iFXyLah2oQ
Suicide Mouse: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XWlLgUcOv7g
Polybius Gameplay: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h1ccH97j63o

Can I haz opinions, plz?
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I thought the Suicide Mouse one was real, but Username 666 seemed fake how could Satan stop the record button xD, or I didn't get that Polybius Game-play I don't even know what's happening.
Creepypasta is cool. Something similar to that suicide mouse was Killswitch. Both are fake but are based on each other in a way.


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Polybius looked like a big mind control screen to me.

It was, light effects and pattents in the eyes are known to ocasionate certain functions in the brain, same goes with the ears.

Polybius makes pattents that cause either sleep, insomnia, sleep paralysis, etc... It is like when you see a creepy image pop out in front of your face, your reaction is to jump, or when you are watching a horror movie, the suspense makes your ears keener, same happens here, as a matter of fact, there is a code wich activates or deactivates the game´s functions, here´s the menu.


Geez, I'm either a pansy, or that Mickey Mouse video was creepy as hell. I barely watched any of it and already got scared. :s

But I felt better after watching this.
Mind if I add onto this?
I find this unusual, I dunno how everyone else would react. I'll remove if it fits too much on the creepy category.


Supposedly, some guy bought a N64 Cartridge having "Majora's Mask" written on it from an ominous old man who got it from a boy who died in the neighborhood.

Jadusable, the guy who got the cartridge, played it and the game still contained the previous user's save file, named BEN. Jadusable kept it out of respect, and during gameplay, he found out that some NPC's called him BEN and others called him what Jadusable called his avatar, Link.
Thinking that it would solve the problem, Jadusable deleted the BEN save file and the NPC's just stopped saying anything about the avatar, basically, people called him " ". Afterwards, strange events fell to Jadusable, such as a stalking elegy of emptiness statue, strange room warps, and an overall broken game.

Now, it's sorta obvious that it's fake, seeing as the fact that all this is easily hackable or Gamesharked (It's also obvious that it's emulated, since the title screen isn't properly emulated right with most recent N64 emulators.), but I find it interesting on how it's played out. Because Jadusable sent hidden messages on his videos, his descriptions, and his channel (Not sure about this one) to assist him so that BEN won't find out.

A more detailed description on the events can be found here (Warning: Music played here may creep you out while reading this):

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I'm just going to give my opinion on each story:

The 666 story sounds fake, as someone can easily replicate a YouTube page. There most likely is a user named 666, but he\she might have been suspended for something besides creepy videos.

The suicide mouse is obviously fake, because a guy doesn't just watch a video, say wierd things a lot of times, then shoot himself.

Polybius is true in my opinion, stuff like that can make someone have strange dreams.

EDIT: Anyone ever play the maze game? 0_O
EDIT 2: If you haven't DON'T!!!!
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Ok , I think this is all a hoax for instance about the 666 thing if the video killed the PC then how the hell did he post the video on youtube...lulz thats PROOF that the video is definately fake BUT it was worth a try only a complete fool would be scared of the video...well the story itself. When I read the story I thought that it might be interresting but as soon as I saw the video with those Ultra-Fake effects , I thought hell no this is fake. As for the mouse video it makes no sence how can a person commit suicide over a mouse walking for 9 minutes and dark screens and crap like that. I don't have much to say about the last story it could be true , it couldnt be true either way I still wont believe those phony story. EVER.
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I must say, I found Suicide Mouse pretty boring. I didn't really want to waste 9 minutes, so I just fast forwarded to the end. Still pretty lame, in my opinion.

Polybius is giving me mixed thoughts. Part of me thinks that you can change the settings to generate hypnotic patterns and when you play it, you get those "sleep algorithms" (in the picture above), and part of me thinks that "Hey, it's a game that gets you into a seizure..."

Username 666 can easily be faked with a few editing.. I didn't watch all of it though, so I don't have a lot of opinion on that.

EDIT: Anyone ever play the maze game? 0_O
EDIT 2: If you haven't DON'T!!!!
I have, a lot of times actually. I was 9 when I first played that. Never searched it up or dared to play it again. Then I played it with some friends a few years later (at daytime :P) with the sound muted (along with a couple more of those "scary" games). It gets boring, lame then annoying since everyone uses the same picture on most games >.>

EDIT: Suicide Mouse was made by some guy in 4chan?
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Anyone here got severe insomnia and wants to try out Polybius with only Hypersomnia on? Might be a good cure, I dunno. =P

* I take no responsibility if you end up sleeping for a year.

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I take no credit, this entierety belongs to the writer credited within the spoiler tag. Basically, the author booted up a LeafGreen ROM and had to fight Missingno to save Leaf's life.
4th January 2011
Invaded LeafGreen

by ~ChertheSketcher on DeviantArt

Oh! You surprised me… Nice to see you back again. You do remember what my job is, correct? If not, I’ll remind you again; I research hacked Pokémon games. You remember now? Good. How ironic for you to appear at this time; I have just recently completed another log of a recent finding…
My partner… Yes, the same companion of mine that gave me the “Robbed Soul[Silver]” cartridge a few days ago… sent me a link, meaning that this next one was not a cartridge, but a hacked ROM. I braced myself; I knew, by previous experiences, that ROM hacks tended to be more unnerving than hacked cartridges, mainly because they were easier to alter. They are often disguised as normal Pokémon game ROMs, having the official title. But, they are far from the real thing. It also seems as if only certain people meet the effects of the ROM, while others play the game normally…Why this is so, I’ve yet to find out… What I do know is that I seem to be one of those certain people, for I am always running into one of these constantly, and so is my partner…
Along with the link, he sent me a list of the answers I would have gotten if he had been asked. I will state what I can remember of the e-mail, because I deleted all evidence of it after I read it and collected the nessacary information. This was the same link a downloaded the hacked Pokémon Ruby ROM on… And, I will keep both of our e-mail addresses anonymous, as well as the link.



Subject: sHE shaLl Pine

(www. XXXXXXXXXX. com)

thiS is a rom Hack of pokEmon leafgreen. found today at 4: 57 pm, vIa download. containS slIght gore. Name Not altErED. please note… i did not complete this myself. my emulator crashed, so I didn’t finish it.

(There is a reason for the chosen subject.)”

And that was the end of it. I noticed a couple of capitalization errors, but I ignored them. He was probably in a hurry. He had mentioned the subject of the e-mail… It was obviously of significance. I examined it for a while, noticing one four letters had been capitalized. It did not take me very long to notice that the uppercase letters spelled out “HELP”. My partner had done the same thing with the actual e-mail, which explained the errors in it. The uppercase letters in the e-mail read out, “SHE IS IN NEED”. I knew that he was hinting what was to be in the ROM… I had gotten all the vital info, so, after copying and pasting the link, I erased the e-mail.

Like Robbed Soul[Silver], I finished in a reasonable amount of time. And I was glad that I did. I have a lot to say about it in my log, so here it is:

Day: January 3, 2011, Monday

Time: 5: 05: 54 PM

Game Acquired: 5: 00: 56 PM

Originally Found: At www. XXXXXXX. Com (download link) via fellow researcher

Hack of: Pokémon LeafGreen

Alternate Name?: None, dub name needed

Full Summary:

The introduction of the game was entirely normal, having nothing out of the ordinary. It even included the “press start” screen, with the Venusaur, and the intro music present. It was after I pressed the correct button for “start” that things began to grow intimidating. I was not given the opportunity to start a new game, but instead was met with a blank, dark screen, which stayed immobile for around twenty seconds. I knew the game didn’t crash; one thing these hacks are famous for lagging for a few minutes, and then having something show up as soon as you’re about to turn the game off. After the twenty seconds, a text box appeared, containing blue text, said;

“…Save me… You’re the only one left…”

An image began to fade in the center of the darkness… It was the female protagonist of LeafGreen, or Leaf, as I liked to call her. She was in very bad shape; it almost scared me. Her close were torn and ripped (to a higher extent than Lyra in the last hack), and her face, legs, and arms were riddled with scratch wounds and ugly bruises. What made it even more discomforting was that it was very obvious that something had made those markings; something had attacked her… Her eyes, which where thick with both yearning tears and desperation, despite being made of pixels, looked right into my own. She didn’t move, so I got up, not to leave, but to test something…

I could have sworn I heard a sharp whimper from the speakers, and she said, “No! Please! Don’t g-go… I beg of y-you…”

Ah, I figured; a ROM aware of the player… I hadn’t encountered this in quite a while. I, with my question answered, sat back down, and did not plan to get back up again. “G-good, you stay with me…” she said. “Please listen… Help me out of here…” She faded out, and another dark screen appeared, saying,

“…It’s after me… It wants me dead…”

Something came up after a few seconds… It was Leaf, and even in her overworld form, I could still see her terrified expression. She was standing in what looked like Pewter City. It was normal and full for about three seconds, and then, little by little, it began to completely disorder, becoming a mass of mashed, eye-hurting pixels, all while Pewter’s music became horribly glitched…

“Oh… Oh no… It’s come for me again… Take me away from here…”

I, though confused as to what was going on, did, moving her away from the city using the correct buttons for walking. She soon began running on her own, without my pressing any buttons. She ran to the east, into she reached Mt. Moon, which was normal as well. I knew it wouldn’t stay that way for long, though. When she entered the mountain, I saw her sprite shivering, as if in utter fear.

“I’ts all My fault…

i ShOuldn’t hAve caught it…

i SHould hAve run away froM thE…

How coulD… I have known?!”

The punctuation and capitalization mistakes were done on purpose; it read;


I had a slight indication on what exactly she was talking about, but I wasn’t quite sure. She no longer moved, so I quickly opened up the menu, and looked through her team. It was entirely empty, except for a particular spot in the first area, which showed a full HP bar, but also a glitchy, unreadable name and no Pokémon available next to it. I tried to examine a summary, but I couldn’t. No menu would appear when a pushed the right button. So, I closed the team, and opened up Leaf’s trainer card. It read;

“Na?me: lEaF…?

Time: ?0?:?0?

??P?o?ke?dex: ? iTsA?LL?gO??Ne”

The card itself was a complete mess, being bordered by the same jumble of pixels as Pewter. Leaf’s profile was the same as it was in the intro; suffering. But this time, I noticed that her left leg was screwed up, the pixels being disordered and out of place. I made a guess; the corruption of Pewter had affected her while she was in it. That’s why she needed me to control her running for her, because she couldn’t run on her own. I also noticed that there was a star on the trainer card, meaning she had made it into the hall of fame… But, like everything else on the card, it was corrupted and messy, though I had no idea why… Oh, and as a note, I have just realized upon writing this that among the jumbled symbols, the letters next to “??P?oke?dex:” read out “It’s all gone” minus the apostrophe. I trust that this meant her Pokedex was empty due to whatever was going on. Lastly, I checked her bag. The was one type of item inside, reading;

“Rare Candy X?99?9”

The map was present as well, but I was surprise to find that what happened to Pewter had happened to all of Kanto. The entire map was obstructed by the same horrid, eye-hurting pixels…
I soon had to close the menu out, because while I was examining the map, text box containing red words said;

“i’ve found YOU… you t’Ruly bElieveD that you could EscApe my reign, coulD you… “

The capitalized words spelled out “YOU’RE DEAD”…

“No… Not you… WHERE ARE YOU?! H-help me..”

I knew she was calling for me, so I closed everything out immediately, and went back to Mt. Moon. The place was just like Pewter now… In garbled ruin. Leaf was shaking even more now, looking around her in panic. Whoever was talking was going to attack her; the same thing that attacked her before I loaded the ROM… The screen flashed, with humming in the background, and the opponent… I knew it. I had not encountered this since my youth in Pokémon Red… It was Missingno.. It did this to Leaf, and Kanto. I was surprised; how did Missingno. find its way in LeafGreen?

Something else had hit my mind as well… I was in the “second half” of this. My partner had been through the first half, but his emulator crashed on him. The save-data hungry monster clearly took advantage of this situation, and cruelly maimed Leaf, and the remainder of Kanto while no one could help her… This also explained the trainer card; the star was in shambles because the creature had disrupted her Hall of Fame data.

“!deraeppa .ONGNISSIM dliW”

It was “Wild MISSINGNO. Appeared!” backwards, with no good reason…
“Ise e… Yo u’venot hingt ofig htagai nst m ewit h…*”

*Translation: “I see… You’ve nothing to fight against me with…”

“N-no… Leave me… Please…” Leaf begged, still having the same tears

“Ic anno t .Yo ca pt uredm e , soy oum ustsuff erm y po w er…*”

*Translation: “I cannot. You captured me, so you must suffer my power…”

I watched as Leaf’s arms both grew garbled and corrupted… I heard her wailing in pain; Missingno. was killing her, and the save data. Like it usually did.

“Stop… The pain…”

The glitch no longer spoke in jumbles. “No. There is no way to stop me. Unless…


“You”? I was confused for a few seconds, until I realized that it was talking about me.

“Me?” I said aloud.

“Yes. You. The one who downloaded this. You wish to save this human?”



Not very fair options. But, I didn’t panic. I merely said “Yes,” out loud. It could hear me, after all.

“Gah. More intelligent than I believed…

…or not.”

It changed from its glitch sprite form to the intimidating GHOST form, not the same ghost in
the FireRed and LeafGreen versions, but the one with the smile piercing and wide from the Red/Blue versions…

A text box with two words on it appeared, saying;



The glitch continued. “you’ve tWo choices. Save tHe gIrl, start a new game. Or, you may keep your preCious little save file, and watch the cHild die by my pOwer. I know which oNE you sHall choose… hUmans are clingy when it coMes to their dAta… Now. choose.”

It spelled out “WHICH ONE HUMAN”…

Leaf’s eyes turned to me, with more tears in her eyes, like she had lost all hope. Did she really think I would let her fall to Missingno.? I had not evenWith flair, I selected “delete”.

“What?! It cannot be…”

Leaf’s tears subsided, and she said;

“Thank you… You saved me… From it… Th…a…n…k…yo…”

She didn’t finish. As her final world rolled, the screen became black, and a text box appeared saying;

“you are a smart one. i underestimated you. i shall head you with a warning. leave me be if you are lucky enouGh tO see me. If nOt, others shall suffer… others shall Die… Bear that thought in Your mind…”

The letter spelled out, “GOOD BY,” but it was missing the “e”. But no matter. The screen was black for about five minutes, and I knew that it was over. I closed it out, the glitch’s last words bundled in my mind… That is all.


Yes, that was a lot more than last time. I applaud you for sitting through it all. And, while sharing this with you, I have a theory… Could it have been possible… That before me or my partner found this ROM… Someone else had used it for fun, caught Missingno, and then saved the game, and never touched it again? No, it can’t be… Or could it…? Bah, no need to bore you with that idea. You are free to leave now. But before you go, I would like to tell you the name I came up with for this ROM… Invaded LeafGreen.


I take no credit, this entierety belongs to the writer credited within the spoiler tag. Basically, the author booted up a LeafGreen ROM and had to fight Missingno to save Leaf's life.

Dude, that scared me. Whoever hacked that is amazing. o_o


Uh, it's pretty obvious that everything here is some form of hoax.
I have never understood why anyone believes urban legends or conspiracy theories, especially on the internet where anyone can make whatever they want up and the actual facts are much easier to come by.

Try looking for facts from multiple sources, and at articles such as Wikipedia's misconceptions page: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_common_misconceptions

You're almost guaranteed to find a few things on that list you're wrong about, and it always helps to end the chain of spreading them.


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Virt, if Chaos Knux's scared you, never look up Creepypasta as that will scare the living daylights out of you. I actually liked the one CK posted since it (unlike most others) had quite a nice ending and you felt nice for everyone in the end, heck, I felt sorry for Missingno. By the by, I avoid creepypasta, but it's interesting to see what people come up with (Barney the Dinosaur Creepypasta, FTW).

And Mystic, it's sometimes hard to keep reminding yourself that it isn't real and it's a misconception. You still know, but the 'what if' factor haunts you for a bit. But I guess you've learnt that or something.


And Mystic, it's sometimes hard to keep reminding yourself that it isn't real and it's a misconception. You still know, but the 'what if' factor haunts you for a bit. But I guess you've learnt that or something.
With the ones that pretend to be legitimate facts, then yeah, I'll frequently be curious and look up if it's true or not. Most of the stories in this thread are not those. They're blatantly false urban legends with the classic line "I don't have the cartridge anymore" prefacing it. I'm sorry, if you don't have the cartridge anymore to a game that broken and epic, you're a liar.
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