Tortured Planet v10.5


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I bet you thought it was gone.

Tortured Planet is back with a vengeance, polished and ported for SRB2 2.1, with several new changes, including...

  • Full 2.1 style record attack! Tortured Planet now features no fewer than 140 emblems, and to collect them all you'll have to go above and beyond to finish the levels with stellar ring counts, scores, and time. (By the way, there are also some new super-secret emblems hidden away in several levels...)
  • Spacewalk Zone has been cut out of the main rotation entirely, although it can be unlocked after completing the game.
  • New texturing. Some of the gaudier, more ridiculous textures have been removed from zones like Eruption Conduit, Snowcap Nimbus, and Liftoff Gantry, to be replaced with new 2.1-era textures!
  • The later boss battles have been revamped. You'll have to see how for yourself.
  • A couple of levels have had other 2.1 features incorporated into them, including new enemies, hazards, and skyboxes.
  • A few other new secrets and improvements have been added to many of the spoilers!
And you get all this for the low, low price of...three alien skulls!

Update 1: My upload last night had WAY more bugs than any sensible designer should ever let slip through the cracks. Download 10.1 for a stabler, more functional experience...including a slightly new look for LGZ3.

Update 2:
I forgot to add in the level headers for the Special Stages to make sure they don't break. Fixed in 10.2.

Update 3: Fixed a broken cutscene and a broken texture.

Update 4: Fixed two broken boss battles: Star Showdown Zone and archived Alien Armageddon Zone. Also, the time requirement for the SSZ emblem was ridiculous, I've relaxed it.

Update 5: Minecart mode is gone, so I had to update the mine monorail in Fume Shaft Zone Act 2.




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I actually thought this was dead ;___;

There may be a problem with one of your secret emblems.
The "Three Hours of Play" emblem unlocked for me already. And I've only been playing for like 10 minutes. And why are three of the secret emblems just named "A"?
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Larz T

Has the music files changed at all? I don't feel like downloading the music files over again to realize nothing has changed from 2.0 to 2.1.


The Tortured Planet guy
No, there's no difference. You can keep the old music files.

Incidentally, I am having some difficulties with Tortured Planet's level select. If anyone fails to unlock it upon game completion, let me know. And if possible, maybe explain what's wrong with my MAINCFG? Because I can't figure it out...


Wandering Protagonist
>No skyboxes


Nah, jk. I just got to Eruption Conduit, mod is as good as I remember it being. Hyped to see what the new bosses are like! And for a more serious issue:

>"You got "THREE HOURS OF TORT" emblem!"
>Description: "Log 3 hours in the game"
>Stats show a total playtime of 9 min and 49 secs


>WTB lamp oil
Kart Krew™️
Tortured Planet v10.0: The Resurrection of Charybdizs's embarrassing childhood compositions

puppyfaic said:
The "Three Hours of Play" emblem unlocked for me already. And I've only been playing for like 10 minutes. And why are three of the secret emblems just named "A"?

Must have been a truly traumatizing three hours. You don't remember any of it!


Liftoff Gantry 3 is broken. Eggman just kills himself and then nothing happens.

This is because of two things that changed in 2.1:
-All enemies and bosses are now killed when they touch deathpits
-Sea Egg no longer triggers a linedef executor on death
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Kart Krew™️
I haven't played it yet, but I'll say the obvious: I hope Alien Armageddon has been revoked from the official rotation. Please hide it as a secret, unlockable, whatever. Just don't have it pop up at all in any normal level advancement way.

It'd help the public view of this pack a lot more believe you me.

EDIT: Looking back now, it was only Act 1 I ever hated with great passion. Act 2 is actually interesting. Both acts are so long, I'd consider cutting the first and making it a one act zone. But that's just me.
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I haven't played it yet, but I'll say the obvious: I hope Alien Armageddon has been revoked from the official rotation. Please hide it as a secret, unlockable, whatever. Just don't have it pop up at all in any normal level advancement way.

It'd help the public view of this pack a lot more believe you me.

Considering it's right there in screenshots, with every other level in the SP rotation...don't get your hopes up.


KartKrew Dev
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Kart Krew™️
The screenshots are practically the exact same ones he used in 2.0, slapped onto this new topic.

Oh God we can't skip the cutscenes anymore in 2.1?


Absolute territory where
Kart Krew™️
God, I'm so excited to play this with 2.1 features! I'm gonna have trouble to find emblems in levels tough :3
EDIT: Playtime: 0 hours, 0 minutes, 5 seconds, I already have the log three hours emblems :3
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ConditionSet 3
Condition1 = PlayTime 10800*TICRATE

ConditionSet 4
Condition1 = OverallTime 5400*TICRATE

This doesn't work. You have to precalculate the values.

The condition sets were coded in before allowing SOC to use named constants and never got updated to handle it (as the code for adding things through SOCs is pretty complex). Sorry.


Absolute territory where
Kart Krew™️
Okay so, I'm already on Snowcap Nimbus and I saw tons of error in the console listing uknow Things, and here are those... Hopefully, I didn't take this path and I'm still alive.

Also, some big sectors are really laggy, like the starting sector of SAZ1 and those big sectors where you have to go up in ECZ2,

EDIT: Gritty Collums Zone 2 is unplayable, less than 5 FPS on the 2/3 of the level until you reload it!
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This is awesome, I can't wait to play this thing again. I'm going to wait though until some of the major glitches are fixed.

Oh and by the way, @Charybdizs: The music is pretty good in my opinion. Some tracks are fitting and some even sound very good, I personally really liked Alien Armageddon to the point I had it stuck in my head at one point and really didn't remember what game it was from^^


Sonic Team Junior There's turd polishing, and then there's this. It's one thing if you're just maintaining a straight port so people stop pestering you about it. But this is such a half-hearted cross between kinda sorta wanting to update it but not really that you actually managed to make the whole pack even worse than it was before.

There have always been two basic problems with Tortured Planet: One is that you started with a bunch of linear, overlong, boring and empty levels and then progressively shoved more and more content into them wherever you could without ever fixing any of the original flaws with the levels. The other is that you somehow got into in your head that every single resource in the game must be used in some way in your level pack. And not only have you done nothing to remedy either of these problems, you're actively making them worse with this update! A few examples:

  • Score monitors aren't intended to be used directly in levels, for reasons that I shouldn't but apparently do have to explain: Points are worthless in a regular game except for the fact that you get an extra life for every 50,000 points. This means you'd have to pop a bunch of monitors to get any kind of reward for doing so, which is pretty much pointless when you can just look for extra life monitors. The hassle of looking for these monitors isn't nearly worth the incredibly meager reward. I can't possibly imagine what your rationale behind adding these monitors was besides "Hey cool! Another type of monitor I haven't used yet!".
  • The Spring Shells you added to the first zone are completely and utterly pointless. The whole point in using these enemies is that players can use the springs on their back to reach places that they otherwise couldn't (or as shortcuts, see THZ). I didn't see any single Spring Shell placed in a location where the spring is actually usable, thus making them nothing more than glorified Crawlas. I can't possibly imagine what your rationale behind adding these enemies was besides "Hey cool! Another type of enemy I haven't used yet!".
  • I guess replacing some of the textures in Snowcap Nimbus Zone with the new Radiant Caverns textures represents at least some kind of acknowledgment of how confusing the texturing in that level is, but just changing a few textures here and there doesn't even begin to address the problem.
  • But what pissed me off most of all were the rotating flamethrowers in Alien Armageddon Zone. Alien Armageddon Zone is an absolutely horrible level, and you've been told this so many times by so many people that you can't possibly be oblivious of the fact at this point. Yet, instead of fixing any of the millions of issues with this zone, or even just removing some of the most obviously shitty content, what do you do? You half-heartedly plaster yet another gimmick all over a level whose main problem is that it consists of too many gimmicks half-heartedly plastered all over the level! None of these flamethrowers are used in any sort of interesting or even noticeable way, and while I guess they don't make the level worse, they also add absolutely nothing to it. I can't possibly imagine what your rationale behind adding these flamethrowers was besides "Hey cool! Another type of hazard I haven't used yet!".

See a pattern here? Your whole design philosophy behind this pack seems to be "more is always better", and that approach, coupled with your refusal to ever really fix anything (apparently you had to be forced into finally deleting Spacewalk, even though it's commonly agreed to be among the worst levels ever made for this game), has pretty much ruined the pack. Your new levels seemed to show that you had learned from your previous mistakes, but after seeing this "update", I'm not quite so sure anymore.

And I haven't even mentioned all the technical problems with this port yet, such as all the warnings that show up in the console in pretty much every level, or the non-working emblems, or the boss that dies upon level start...


My work is never done yet

I agree with you that Fawfulfan should've spent way more time checking for obvious bugs in this release, and even one full playthrough would've made most of them immediately obvious. However, I'm honestly surprised at how adamantly you hate Tortured Planet's levels. Spacewalk, for example, is undoubtedly pretty bad as levels go, but from what you've said on IRC, I kind of get the impression that its worst sin is being boring and repetitive. A level being boring is, well, boring, but I can't imagine it being as bad as some of the lazily designed and/or nigh-unplayable levels of such packs as Eggmanway5 or Zeostar Realm 2. I mean, at least Act 2's vacuum gimmick near the end is pretty creative, and the satellite platforms look nice, and stomping around that asteroid field section at double size was kind of fun. Again, it's bad, but to me there isn't anything concretely hateable enough for it to be bad bad.

As for Alien Armageddon, both acts are way too long on their own, some of the gimmick rooms get old about halfway through, and it doesn't have any major gameplay mechanics that are consistently developed throughout either or both levels, but what I just said about Spacewalk still applies. Those flaws are enough to make me reluctant to play it all the way through, but they don't make playing it a more painful experience than, say, Azure Temple, and I can still have some fun with it in certain sections. (I've also found that playing it with Tails and Knuckles make the frustrating bits far less frustrating.) In conclusion, the technical issues are blatant and numerous and need to be fixed as soon as possible, but I just can't understand how rage on the level of SpiritCrusher's here is an appropriate response to a level pack that, at its worst, is nothing more or less than boring.

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