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Socially awkward.
This script changes the Race gametype to play similarly to Trackmania.

The race will never finish until the time limit is up, so you must instead race through the course again and again to try and get the best time!
When the round finishes, everyones times will then be shown!

Press Weapon Select 1 to reset to the last checkpoint.
Press Weapon Select 2 to restart from the beginning.
(TIP: You can also hold the button to help build up speed before going!)

It also comes with a variable:
TC_TIMELIMIT (Minutes) - Changes the time limit for all maps.

It is recommended you use circuit maps, as single player levels will still count-down after you reach the end.


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Oh, THAT Youtuber...
Time for me to build up speed. Meanwhile, lets talk about parallel universes.

Larz T

Played this with Salt a couple nights ago and all I have to say is, for a person who has never played Trackmania, this little script was fun. It felt so satisfying to beat Salt's lap record by two milliseconds and see him try to beat the new record.

I ended up winning that match lol.
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